Baehr: Among Democrats, supporting Israel is viewed these days as similar to ‎supporting fossil fuels, or even worse, the police

Where the GOP and Democrats differ on Israel
by Richard Baehr
February 5, 2016

There is very good news for Israel with the two Cuban-American senators — Cruz ‎and Rubio. [As opposed to the Democrats] Both have been forthright about specific initiatives were they elected, ‎designed to demonstrate that American support for Israel was no longer in ‎question. Pulling back on some or all of the Iran deal would be part of this, but ‎there is also the possibility of a U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem, commitments to ‎back Israel in the U.N. Security Council, a change in the State Department’s perpetual ‎war on Israel, a commitment to consultation with Israel rather than public attacks, ‎and even new American policy on various issues related to Israel’s borders and ‎rights under international law. Whether any of this will matter to Jewish-American ‎voters is not clear. But it might boost turnout among Christian supporters of Israel, ‎a far larger group.‎ Cruz spoke abut Israel in his victory speech on Monday night. It is a sign ‎that for leading Republicans, Israel is not an afterthought, as it appears to be for ‎the Democrats.‎ READ MORE

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