“Is it better for Israel to have the near-unanimous support of Jews (1.8 % of US) or the very substantial support of the 38 percent who are conservative?”

Does Israel Need U.S. Jewish Support?
by Daniel Pipes
April 18, 2016

…Jewish support for Israel has weakened primarily because Jews are solidly on the liberal-left of the political spectrum (these days symbolized by Bernie Sanders), the side most critical of Israel. From Israel’s point of view, the fact that American Jews are losing their ardor for Israel is a distinct loss. But it is made up for by American conservative support for the Jewish state. The conservative-moderate-liberal spectrum of opinion is consistent in poll after poll…and it shows large and growing conservative support for Israel. For example, the Gallup poll in February 2016 found Republicans favoring Israel over the Palestinians by 79 percent to 7 percent, or a margin of over 11-to1. With such political backing, Jews have lost their primacy in pushing the U.S. government to a favorable policy toward Israel. READ MORE

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