Palestinian child abuse caught on camera [VIDEOS]

Palestinian Urges IDF to Shoot His Son on Camera; Soldier and Boy High-Five Instead
by Staff
August 1, 2016

A video emerged on Friday showing a Palestinian man urging Israeli soldiers to kill his toddler son so he could capture the shooting on camera. The father is seen shoving the young boy toward an armed soldier, who responds by giving the child a high-five. The father continued egging the boy on, instructing him to throw rocks at the soldiers. Eventually, the child walked to the side and threw rocks away from the troops. Leibel A. Mangel, who first posted the video on his Facebook page, said the child was identified as 3-year-old Muhammad Suroor. READ MORE

Translation of video:
(To the soldiers): “This is a young boy, shoot him, you are familiar with [shooting] young boys! Shoot shoot! Go go! Raise up the flag, raise raise! Shoot him and kill him. Shoot him, you are familiar with such stuff, familiar with shooting and killing kids. Shoot him, should I bring you the other one? Shoot him and kill him! Raise the flag, do not you understand?
(To the child): “Hit, hit, hit!” [telling him to throw rocks]

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