Shanah Tovah (שנה טובה), gefilte fish and sermons for 5778: “As for President Trump, most non-Orthodox Jews deem opposition to him tantamount to a religious commandment”

What Will Your Rabbi Talk About This Week?
by Dennis Prager
September 19, 2017

…You would think that rabbis have a deep well from which to choose the subject of their sermons. And many do. But Jews from all over America increasingly tell me that their rabbis speak about what most of us would deem politics. Many non-Orthodox rabbis (and I do not write this as an Orthodox Jew) have chosen the holiest days in the Jewish calendar to speak about global warming, racism, sexism, transgender issues, immigration, “dreamers,” food insecurity, single-payer health insurance and the like. And this year, many rabbis will surely also talk about President Trump as a threat to American Jews. They will solemnly sermonize that he is a white supremacist who winks at American neo-Nazis. READ MORE

WALL STREET JOURNAL I Still Have Nightmares.’ The Dicey Future of Jarred Gefilte Fish

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