“Tens of thousands of Syrian refugees pile up along the Golden Heights, and Israel opens its doors (with caution) to take care of the wounded”

Syrians flee towards hospitals of the ‘enemy’
by Fiamma Nirenstein
July 9, 2018

The strong winds in the Golan Heights blow pain and come from tent cities in which displaced Syrians are clustered together a few meters from the steel-and-barbed-wire fence with Israel…And so, the theme that currently besets the world—that of refugees knocking at Israel’s door—is being played out towards refugees who until just the other day have been enemies. Desperate people are turning up now amid the oak trees of the Golan to request help from their long-standing enemy. READ MORE

YNET Sketch of Israel’s flag becomes Syrian girl’s symbol of gratitude As the IDF’s humanitarian efforts continue, Syrian children express their gratitude with drawings and one Syrian mother writes to an IDF officer: ‘I hope the borders between us will one day be only geographical

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