“The big powers, Russia and the U.S., talked spheres of influence in Jerusalem, with Benjamin Netanyahu as the broker”

Jared Kushner’s Bahrain Conference Is the Sideshow
by Zev Chafets
June 26, 2019

While the Bahrain show plays out, the real Deal of the Century is being discussed in Jerusalem, by the national security advisers of the U.S., Russia and Israel. Ostensibly the Jerusalem conference was convened to discuss the situation in Syria and Iran’s role there. But its tacit agenda was broader. It is part of a process in which the U.S. and Russia are attempting to divide the Middle East into spheres of influence. It has come about because the West’s two superpowers have interests in the region that seem best served by cooperation. READ MORE

JEWISH JOURNAL Bahrain Foreign Minister on Israel: ‘The Jewish People Have a Place Amongst Us’ “Israel is a country in the Middle East. It is part of the heritage of this region, historically,” Al-Khalifa said. “The Jewish people have a place amongst us.” Al-Khalifa also said the Palestinians erred in refusing to partake in the conference because they are missing “an opportunity” to help “alleviate the lives and the troubles of people.”

TIMES OF ISRAEL Wrapping up Bahrain summit, Kushner says door still open to Palestinians on plan Trump senior adviser rejects criticism of US peace proposal, vows ‘to stay optimistic’; American envoy to ToI: ‘We’ve received excellent feedback, people are inspired’

I24 Yishai Fleisher: “The PA is a violent thuggish organization which suppresses the will of decent Palestinian people who want to live in peace with Israel…” which is why the Palestinians in Bahrain this week have to “fly under the radar”

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