Amnesty International caught lying yet again about Israel

Fox News reporter in Gaza: Amnesty International lied
by Staff
November 13, 2019

Amnesty International lied yesterday, Tuesday, when it accused Israel of violating international law for bombing the Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights building in Gaza, said Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst. Yingst, reporting from Gaza, said the building was hit by a rocket that misfired from Gaza, and that he witnessed the event. “Israel did not strike this building. A rocket misfired from Gaza.I was across the street when it happened,” wrote Yingst on Twitter…Amnesty International is frequently accused of having an anti-Israel bias and whitewashing the war crimes of Palestinian Arabs. READ MORE

FREE BEACON Terrorists Strike Their Own Building, Israel Blamed Prominent international organizations on Tuesday blamed Israel for a Palestinian rocket that hit the offices of the Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) in the Gaza Strip. Along with the ICHR, left-wing human rights organization Amnesty International and left-wing activist group Code Pink blamed Israel for the rocket that later reports revealed was fired by terrorists aiming at Israel.

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