Hey Sweden, spare us lectures about how the #hijab “empowers” women: “The Iranian authorities are employing the full machinery of the state to crush opposition to forced hijab, but with more than half the population against it, the tide is increasingly against them”

Sweden: Hijab is ‘Look of the Year’
by Judith Bergman
February 1, 2020

…For years, women in Iran have been arrested and imprisoned for refusing to wear the mandatory headscarf and even for protesting its use…As women in Iran protested the regime and the mandatory hijab, women in Sweden — who are represented by “the first feminist government in the world” — were championing the hijab on several recent occasions, illustrating the curious cultural transformations there. In January, readers of the Swedish edition of Elle magazine picked Imane Asry, a hijab-wearing social media influencer with 150,000 Instagram followers, as winner of its “Look of the Year” competition. READ MORE

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