Islamization of Western Europe: A Norwegian walks through Prague and sees what might have been

Glimpsing the “New Europe” in Prague
by Bruce Bawer
February 27, 2018

…In the morning, I take yet another long walk, and pass families who I realize are heading home from shul. There are several synagogues in the neighborhood. One Jewish toddler runs gleefully down the sidewalk, and his father chases him and sweeps him up in his arms. He catches me smiling and smiles back. There is no sign of the fear that increasingly causes Jews in Western European cities to keep a low profile, to forego their yarmulkes, to move to the U.S. or Israel. Jews are safe here. READ MORE

MIDA The Women of South Tel Aviv Speakout: “The Infiltrators have Destroyed our Lives”: Residents of the south Tel Aviv neighborhoods talk about life in the shadow of the illegal migrants, the fear on the streets and the hope that the situation will improve. “We live in hell”.

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