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University of Illinois presentation “’instead of fostering dialogue, incited division, distrust and anger”

JEWISH JOURNAL University of Illinois Chancellor Condemns ‘Anti-Semitic Content’ in Housing Staff Meeting Presentation by Aaron Bandler October 14, 2019 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Chancellor Robert Jones condemned the “anti-Semitic content” featured in a presentation during a Sept. 25 … Continue reading

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Gal Gadot to portray Irena Sendler, Warsaw Ghetto hero

JEWISH PRESS Israeli Actress Gal Gadot Joins Husband in Producing ‘Irena Sendler,’ Will Star in Title Role by Hana Levi Julian October 13, 2019 Entertainment industry website Deadline reported exclusively this weekend that Israeli actress Gal Gadot is teaming with … Continue reading

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“Right-wing anti-Semites see any accusation of anti-Semitism as a Jewish conspiracy to take away the rights of whites, while left-wing anti-Semites sees the same accusation as an attempt to silence Palestinians”

FORWARD I Was Protested At Bard College For Being A Jew by Batya Ungar-Sargon October 12, 2019 …When the conference began Thursday morning, I was warned that protesters from the Bard chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine planned to … Continue reading

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“‘How dare you say you’re Jewish. You aren’t Jewish’”

TIMES OF ISRAEL Rabbinate DNA tests seek Jewishness in the blood, become a bone of contention by Marissa Newman October 7, 2019 …For many who arrived in Israel in the 1990s, after the fall of the Soviet Union — some … Continue reading

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“How to explain the apparent indifference of mainstream Jewish groups and politicians to the spike in hate crimes committed against Jews?”

POWERLINE BLOG Attacks on Orthodox Jews spike; mainstream Jewish groups seem indifferent Paul Mirengoff October 10, 2019 …Caroline Glick believes the explanation lies in the kind of Jews who are being attacked and the kind of people doing the attacking: … Continue reading

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“Jewish baseball stars for the Astros, Braves, and Dodgers all decide to play on Yom Kippur. They all lose”

TABLET MAG The Koufax Curse by Armin Rosen October 10, 2019 Baseball games are complex events whose outcomes hinge on scores of interlocking factors, many of them invisible to the naked eye. Writers probably shouldn’t be making sweeping off-hand claims … Continue reading

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“Hardened door and security cameras helped protect dozens of people from gunman”

THE GUARDIAN Halle synagogue was fortified before antisemitic attack by Oliver Holmes and Philip Oltermann October 11, 2019 A German synagogue targeted in an attempted mass shooting this week had been upgraded to fortify its main entrance and install security … Continue reading

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