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“It’s re­mark­able that a party with the White House and healthy ma­jor­it­ies in Con­gress is badly strug­gling to get any le­gis­la­tion passed”

NATIONAL JOURNAL Why Republicans Are Losing the Health Care Fight by Josh Kraushaar June 30, 2017 …One ma­jor flaw with the polit­ics of Obama­care was that it cre­ated win­ners and losers, re­dis­trib­ut­ing health care  be­ne­fits to those who had been … Continue reading

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Jewish community ignored all the warning signs about President #Obama

ISRAEL HAYOM Obama discards his court Jews by Richard Baehr December 28, 2016 …Of course, Obama always had his enablers in the organized Jewish community and among the leading pro-Israel groups who vouched for him and trashed his critics. Now, … Continue reading

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Jimmy Carter NYT op-ed instructing Obama on how to reign in Israel between now and President Trump

NEW YORK TIMES America Must Recognize Palestine by Jimmy Carter November 29, 2016 …I am convinced that the United States can still shape the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before a change in presidents, but time is very short. The … Continue reading

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“#Democrats basically have no minor leagues to develop experienced, savvy top-tier candidates at state levels”

MCCLATCHY DC Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only big election loser by Andrew Malcolm November 14, 2016 We’ve heard an awful lot in recent days about the decisive election loss of a certain well-known woman. What we’ve pondered much less is … Continue reading

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Baehr: In any case, the atmosphere for pro-Israel activity in Washington has dramatically ‎improved

ISRAEL HAYOM There’s a new sheriff in town by Richard Baehr November 14, 2016 …The Trump victory, accompanied by sweeping Republican victories down-ballot in ‎the Senate and House, state legislatures and governors’ races, provides hope to conservatives and Republicans for … Continue reading

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“With tacit approval from the Obama administration” Israel’s sovereignty again under attack

FRONT PAGE MAG Israel’s Frenemies Sharpen Their Knives in Final Effort to Undermine the Jewish State by Ari Lieberman November 8, 2016 The French, with tacit U.S. backing, have once again decided to insert their brand of mischief into the … Continue reading

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“Nicholas Kristof’s penchant for sob story moralizing has been on fine display in a series of columns lamenting the destruction of Syria”

TABLET MAG Nicholas Kristof Is No Jan Karski—in Spirit or Otherwise by James Kirchick October 31, 2016 …Filled with emotional details about the war’s victims, these [Kristof] pieces have little to say about its perpetrators—namely, the Iranian state sponsor of … Continue reading

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