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“Nicholas Kristof’s penchant for sob story moralizing has been on fine display in a series of columns lamenting the destruction of Syria”

TABLET MAG Nicholas Kristof Is No Jan Karski—in Spirit or Otherwise by James Kirchick October 31, 2016 …Filled with emotional details about the war’s victims, these [Kristof] pieces have little to say about its perpetrators—namely, the Iranian state sponsor of … Continue reading

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New York Times false equivalencies: “Jewish refugees did not cause an explosion of rape and sexual violence as Muslim refugees have in Sweden and Germany”

OBSERVER Nicholas Kristof’s Obscene Comparison: Injured Syrian Girl Is Not Anne Frank by Abraham H. Miller August 29, 2016 Anne Frank is not an injured Syrian girl, and to make the comparison, as Nicholas Kristof does, is to stand on the … Continue reading

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Maher, Sam Harris Battle Affleck, Kristof on Radical Islam [VIDEO]

BREITBART by Staff October 3, 2014 Author Sam Harris and HBO’s “Real Time” anchor Bill Maher debated actor Ben Affleck and New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof on Maher’s earlier comments on radical Islam on Friday. Harris argued, “liberals have … Continue reading

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