“Nicholas Kristof’s penchant for sob story moralizing has been on fine display in a series of columns lamenting the destruction of Syria”

Nicholas Kristof Is No Jan Karski—in Spirit or Otherwise
by James Kirchick
October 31, 2016

…Filled with emotional details about the war’s victims, these [Kristof] pieces have little to say about its perpetrators—namely, the Iranian state sponsor of the murderous Assad government. The reason for this elision has to do with the fact that, not so long ago, Kristof was one of the prime journalistic propagandists for the Obama Administration’s Iran nuclear deal, which hinges upon “respecting,” in the president’s words , Iranian “equities” in Syria. In the years leading up to the agreement, Kristof whitewashed the Iranian regime, which, in a perverse twist, denies the Holocaust Karski exposed. READ MORE

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