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“France is experiencing “a process of national and civilizational decomposition that the authorities have decided to accompany and moderate, without claiming to fight and overthrow it, as if it were unavoidable””

GATESTONE France: A Decomposing Civilization by Giulio Meotti November 9, 2017 …The previous French president, François Hollande, did not even try to get re-elected; his successor, Emmanuel Macron, refuses to talk about Islam and appears to accept the permanent capitulation to the state … Continue reading

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“Emmanuel Macron has warned the world needs to crack down on Iran’s nuclear ambitions amid fears Tehran could follow in North Korea’s footsteps”

EXPRESS Is Iran the next North Korea? Macron warns world needs to stop Tehran’s nuclear ambitions by Romina Mcguinness September 21, 2017 The French President said the Iran nuclear deal “was not enough” in light of Tehran’s increased influence in … Continue reading

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Shimon Peres: The father of Israel’s nuclear deterrent reveals how it was built. An exclusive excerpt from No Room For Small Dreams, Shimon Peres’ posthumous autobiography”

TABLET MAG How Israel Went Nuclear by Shimon Peres September 11, 2017 …What we needed was help, and as the country with whom we’d built our closest friendship, France represented an opportunity. As Europe’s most advanced country in the nuclear … Continue reading

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“Assailants of Parisian Jewish family tell victims, ‘You are Jewish, you have money,’ before brutally attacking them, threatening to kill them”

TIMES OF ISRAEL Jewish family beaten, robbed in ‘anti-Semitic’ home invasion near Paris by Staff and AFP September 10 2017 Three members of a prominent French Jewish family were kidnapped, tied up, brutally beaten and robbed on Thursday night in … Continue reading

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Paris: Sarah Halimi’s torture and murder “clashed with France’s political calendar”

THE JC Sarah Halimi: Beaten, tortured and killed — yet France turned a blind eye by Michel Gurfinkiel August 24, 2017 Almost five months ago, on April 4, a 65-year-old Orthodox Jewish woman called Lucette Attal-Halimi and known by her … Continue reading

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“The threads that link anti-Semitism with unfulfilled sexual desire”

JNS Let’s talk about sex: the aftermath of Charlottesville by Ben Cohen August 17, 2017 The scene is Paris in the late 19th century. At a glittering ball, a handful of eligible gentilhommes eagerly circled the charming Comtesse de La Rochefoucauld—something … Continue reading

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Not to be tolerated: A film exploring contemporary European anti-Semitism

GATESTONE Europe: The Censored Film They Do Not Want You to See by Stefan Frank August 1, 2017 A Franco-German film that no one in Europe is legally allowed to see has become the source of a major scandal, and … Continue reading

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