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“It is unbelievable that in our capital city an anti-Semitic film has an easier time finding a venue than a movie talking about Islamic fundamentalism in Europe that is forcing Jews to leave”

JNS Despite pressure, film about rising anti-Semitism in Europe gets Jerusalem screening June 13, 2019 After several venues canceled screenings at the last minute, a controversial documentary film directed by U.K. right-wing media figure Katie Hopkins was shown in Jerusalem … Continue reading

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“Although terrorist attacks are severe, the attempt by one civilization to subjugate the other is occurring on a broader ideological and religious plane”

GATESTONE The Peaceful Takeover of Europe by Jan Keller January 16, 2019 …According to a report released by Institut Montaigne in September 2016, the Muslim population of France is divided as follows: Nearly half consider the laws of the state — as … Continue reading

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“We refugees…do not want to live in the same country with you. You can, and I think you should, leave #Germany”

GATESTONE Germans Leaving Germany ‘In Droves’ by Soeren Kern October 20, 2016 A growing number of Germans are abandoning neighborhoods in which they have lived all their lives, and others are leaving Germany for good, as mass immigration transforms parts … Continue reading

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The mother of politically incorrect questions: Is Islam a religion or rather “a totalitarian political doctrine ?”…”The standard rebuttal that all faiths have at one time or another shown themselves prone to violence and repression misses the essential point”

PJ MEDIA Is Islam a Religion? by David Solway August 10, 2016 The status of Islam should be clarified if the debate on how to defeat terrorism is ever to bear fruit. Islam, I would argue, is not a religion … Continue reading

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Columbus OH Christian Arab restauranteur: ‘If being a 100% supporter of Israel means I am a Zionist, then I guess I am’ [VIDEO]

TIMES OF ISRAEL Terror attack turns Arab Ohio restaurant owner into fighter for Israel by Renee Ghert-Zand May 7, 2016 After not visiting Israel for nine years, Hany Baransi, the owner of the Nazareth Restaurant and Deli in Columbus, Ohio, … Continue reading

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Islamists trace their roots to the Nazis

AMERICAN THINKER Islam’s Willing Executioners by Ron Jager March 28, 2016 …Islamic Anti-Semitism has long been recognized as the Arab world’s prominent vehicle for the hatred of the Jews. From Islamic academics teaching that Judaism permits murder and rape of … Continue reading

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Is Egypt coming to terms with its ingrained anti-Semitism?

AMERICAN THINKER Egyptian TV admits Islam has no ties to Jerusalem by Karin McQuillan December 19, 2015 Egyptian TV has been infamous for decades for its Arab-Nazi programming. Every Egyptian leader from Nasser through Sadat to Mubarak has enshrined Nazi Jew-hatred in … Continue reading

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