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The attacks on Musk for exposing the connections tell us just how much those on the left side of the political spectrum hate open discourse and transparency when it includes views they dislike.

REAL CLEAR POLITICS The FBI Has No Business Trying to Suppress Free Speech Professor Charles Lipson December 27, 2022 We are beginning to find out just how bad it was. The FBI and other government agencies worked hand in glove … Continue reading

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The FBI announced that it will be investigating the killing of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh but was silent when an American was injured in a bombing.

JPOST The FBI should investigate the attack on US citizen in Jerusalem bombing Stephen M. Flatow November 27, 2022 The Biden administration’s Justice Department recently announced that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the accidental death of an Arab-American … Continue reading

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“Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Tuesday called the US Justice Ministry’s decision to investigate Abu Akleh’s death “a serious mistake,” adding that Israel would not cooperate with it”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS) FBI investigation of IDF ‘undermines the Pentagon’s own conclusions’ Yaakov Lappin November 17, 2022 A decision by the FBI to investigate the Israel Defense Forces over the May 11 death of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu … Continue reading

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“Throughout the Obama administration, US officials illegally leaked top secret information about Israeli operations to the media”

JERUSALEM POST Trump and Israel: Enemies of the system by Caroline B. Glick May 18, 2017 The United States is sailing in uncharted waters today as the intelligence-security community wages an all-but-declared rebellion against President Donald Trump. Deputy Attorney-General Rod … Continue reading

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FBI, DOJ staff dismayed that powerful people should not be charged — decision came from the top down to not charge Hillary Clinton

FOX NEWS FBI, DOJ roiled by Comey, Lynch decision to let Clinton slide by on emails, says insider by Malia Zimmerman, Adam Housley October 13, 2016 The decision to let Hillary Clinton off the hook for mishandling classified information has roiled … Continue reading

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Obama’s Dilemma: “Hillary couldn’t be proven guilty without proving the president guilty as well”

NATIONAL REVIEW Obama’s Conflict Tanked the Clinton E-mail Investigation — As Predicted by Andrew C. McCarthy September 26, 2016 “How is this not classified?” So exclaimed Hillary Clinton’s close aide and confidante, Huma Abedin. The FBI had just shown her an … Continue reading

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Comey “wanted us to know Hillary was guilty as hell. But he was not willing to pit the FBI against Obama’s DOJ”

AMERICAN THINKER Why Comey Blinked by Karin McQuillan July 6, 2016 …Comey is telling us he spoke to the Obama DOJ about “what resolution may be appropriate.” It is obvious he was told that no criminal charges would be brought … Continue reading

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#TreyGowdy grills FBI Director #JimComey on #HillaryClinton Email Scandal. No matter your politics, worth 5 minutes to view [VIDEO]

July 7, 2016 In crisp lawyerly style, Trey Gowdy makes good use of his 5 minutes, questioning FBI Director Jim Comey on his astonishing “no-prosecute” recommendation for Hillary Clinton after proving “extreme carelessness” in her (and her staff’s) mishandling of … Continue reading

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Columbus OH Christian Arab restauranteur: ‘If being a 100% supporter of Israel means I am a Zionist, then I guess I am’ [VIDEO]

TIMES OF ISRAEL Terror attack turns Arab Ohio restaurant owner into fighter for Israel by Renee Ghert-Zand May 7, 2016 After not visiting Israel for nine years, Hany Baransi, the owner of the Nazareth Restaurant and Deli in Columbus, Ohio, … Continue reading

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Was Israeli company Cellebrite hired to open Farook’s phone ?

PHONE ARENA FBI paying Cellebrite $15,278 to open Syed Farook’s Apple iPhone 5c? by Alan F. March 24, 2016 Just the other day, on the eve of what promised to be a three-ring circus inside a courtroom, the DOJ asked … Continue reading

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