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Knesset member: “Wow. Twitter just admitted that tweets calling genocide against Jews by Iranian leaders DON’T violate its policy! This is a double standard. This is anti-Semitism”

CLEVELAND JEWISH NEWS Knesset makes effort to confront anti-Israel, anti-Jewish posts, hate speech online by Israel Kasnett August 1, 2020 …On July 29, the Israeli Knesset held a hearing concerning the growing concern of anti-Semitism found on social media….At the … Continue reading

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What the Twitter attacks on Canary Mission are really about

FRONT PAGE MAG Twitter Welcomes Terrorists, Not Pro-Israel Activists by Daniel Greenfield March 5, 2018 Hamas, Hezbollah, the PFLP, FARC, the Communist Party of the Philippines and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam are all on the official list of terrorist organizations drawn up by … Continue reading

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“Journalist David Patrikarakos’s new book, ‘War in 140 Characters,’ claims that in the war over online dominance, Israel must think like David, not Goliath”

TIMES OF ISRAEL When a Gazan girl and Israeli officials battle head-to-head for social media by Tracy Frydberg January 6, 2018 …This anecdote among with many others is told in the new book, “War in 140 Characters: How Social Media … Continue reading

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Parody Mossad Twitter account effectively mocks Israel-haters

JERUSALEM POST The ‘Mossad’ Twitter Account That Fooled The World by Amy Spiro January 2, 2017 By day, Shawn Eni is a mild-mannered Canadian living in Modi’in and working in business software. By night, and also a little bit by … Continue reading

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Memo to my WordPress followers

Many of you “follow” my WordPress blog directly so you receive an email each time I post new content. Due to a glitch with the iPhone app, every so often (like Sunday morning) a WordPress email will go out with a bad … Continue reading

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Highland Park’s own Billy Corgan on “Social Justice Warriors”

BREITBART Musician Billy Corgan Attacks SJWs, Says Facebook Too Close to ‘Big Government’ by Allym Bokhari January 8, 2016 During the 1990s, his rock band conquered the charts with a string of smash hits. Now, acclaimed rock musician Billy Corgan … Continue reading

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If DHS had monitored the social media of Tashfeen Malik would they have refused her visa ? Would 14 Americans be alive today ? And why is it even wrong to monitor public Tweets and Facebook postings ?

DAILY CALLER DHS Monitors Americans’ Social Media Accounts, But Not Visa Applicants’ by Chuck Ross December 14, 2015 The Department of Homeland Security has operated a program to monitor ordinary Americans’ social media discussions about the agency’s policy directives, even … Continue reading

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Does Ann Coulter not know the majority of Americans support Israel? It’s not exclusively a “Jewish” thing

TABLET MAG The Degradation of American Political Discourse by Lee Smith September 17, 2015 …Coulter’s ugly language is just evidence that it’s going to get worse. Insofar as the JCPOA [Iran Deal] is celebrated as Obama’s signature foreign policy initiative, … Continue reading

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On Kristallnacht Anniversary: Iran Publishes Plan to ‘Eliminate’ Israel

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON by Adam Kredo November 10, 2014 Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei published early Sunday a 9-step plan to “eliminate” Israel, prompting Israel’s prime minister to file a formal complaint with Western negotiators involved in nuclear talks … Continue reading

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Promoting “British Values” by Curbing Free Speech

GATESTONE by Soren Kern November 6, 2014 The British government has unveiled a new proposal that would require Islamic extremists to have their social media posts pre-approved by the government. The plan—which is aimed at curbing the spread of jihadist … Continue reading

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