“Navalny concluded lamenting that Russia and other “enemies of freedom of speech around the world” would exploit Trump’s Twitter ban to silence legitimate dissent”

Top Putin Rival, Russian Dissident Alexei Navalny: Trump Twitter Ban ‘Unacceptable’
by Frances Martel
January 9, 2021

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny – one of President Vladimir Putin’s most prominent foes who nearly died last year of suspected poisoning by the state – called Twitter’s decision to ban President Donald Trump permanently on Saturday “an unacceptable act of censorship. Navalny, the leader of the opposition Progress Party and a longtime protest organizer calling for the end of Putin’s rule, compared Twitter’s censorship of Trump to Putin’s censorship of himself and noted that “cold-blooded murderers” like Putin and Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro continue to use the platform without restrictions. READ MORE

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