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“In a groundbreaking New York Times op-ed, two prominent Reform rabbis describe the workings of a movement to demonize Israel now widely found in high school curricula across the nation”

AMERICANS FOR PEACE AND TOLERANCE Newton’s anti-Jewish curriculum scandal makes it to the pages of The New York Times January 16, 2020 …They identified the anti-Israel high school curriculum at Newton Public Schools as part of “a much bigger problem” across the … Continue reading

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In 2020, another pogrom in Ukraine. “Witnesses say that the Ukrainians were running wildly through the street looking for Jews with knives and clubs in their hands”

YESHIVA WORLD Pogrom in Umam over Shabbos: Ukrainian Thugs Attack Jews, 4 Evacuated To Hospitals January 11, 2020 A group of about 30 Ukrainian thugs went on a rampage close to midnight on Friday night in Uman and mercilessly beat … Continue reading

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Ami Horowitz hits the streets of NY to ask blacks, Why are so many Jews being attacked in New York City ?

WSJ Yale, Al Sharpton and the Attacks on New York’s Jews And so the ultra-Orthodox Jews find themselves sitting ducks again in a New York hostile or indifferent to their fate. Their values have never been so out of step … Continue reading

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New York City march on antisemitism: “That the march drew together so many disparate elements of the Jewish community also may have stemmed from careful planning”

THE NEW YORK JEWISH WEEK 25,000 People March Against Anti-Semitism In New York City by Doug Chandler January 6, 2020 Joined by city & state officials, marchers from disparate parts of the Jewish community came together today to protest a … Continue reading

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The elephant in the room: “The muted response to the string of attacks in NYC shows that mainstream U.S. Jewry is indifferent to Haredim and hesitant to condemn those who target them”

HAARETZ Most U.S. Jews Don’t Care About anti-Semitic Violence Against the ultra-Orthodox by Jonathan S. Tobin December 30, 2019 …Ever since U.S. President Donald Trump conflated opposition to the removal of Confederate statues with support for an August 2017 neo-Nazi … Continue reading

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“Jews have taken and are taking #antisemitism very seriously. Non-Jews must do the same”

THE ATLANTIC Jews Are Going Underground by Deborah Lipstadt December 29, 2019 In a month of terrible anti-Semitic attacks, including a stabbing yesterday of multiple people at a Hanukkah celebration at a rabbi’s home in Monsey, New York, the news … Continue reading

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Smoke dope, butcher a Jew and walk away a free man: “French court rules Kobili Traore can’t be held criminally responsible for #SarahHalimi’s killing because he was in a psychotic state from marijuana use”

Smoke dope butcher a Jew walk free Continue reading

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