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“Europe today is post-God, post-nationalism, post-family and post-Holocaust—and is therefore understandably at odds with the very concept of Israel”

JNS Why young Europeans can’t understand Israeli settlers by Yishai Fleisher February 13, 2020 …In my experience, this incomprehension of Jewish yearning for the land of Israel is a recurring phenomenon with young Europeans—the standard answers about Zionism simply do … Continue reading

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“Asked to identify what Auschwitz is, 41 percent of respondents and 66 percent of millennials could not come up with a correct response identifying it as a concentration camp or extermination camp”

ALGEMEINER ‘I Wish I Could Say We Germans Have Understood the Holocaust,’ President Steinmeier Confesses in 75th Anniversary Commemoration Address by Staff January 29, 2020 Germany’s president confessed in a major speech on Wednesday that he was unconvinced his country … Continue reading

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World Jewish Congress decision to honor German Chancellor Merkel with prestigious Theodor Herzl Award for Zionism “has sparked anger and bewilderment among Jewish leaders in US and Europe”

GATESTONE Does Angela Merkel Deserve a Prize for Zionism? by Soeren Kern October 19, 2019 …Critics say that Merkel, because her domestic and foreign policies have in recent years made the world less safe for Jews, is uniquely undeserving of … Continue reading

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German synagogue massacre likely averted by locked and well-secured facility

WALL STREET JOURNAL Two Killed in Germany Shooting After Failed Attack on Synagogue by Petra Sorge, Sara Germano and Bertrand Benoit Oct. 9, 2019 Police said a woman had been shot dead on the street near the synagogue, as had … Continue reading

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“Wiesenthal Center and NGO Monitor slam Germany for ignoring Iran’s genocidal antisemitism”

JERUSALEM POST Merkel’s government days Iran’s call to ‘wipe Israel off the map’ not antisemitic by Benjamin Weinthal October 6, 2019 German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has declared that Iran’s call to obliterate the State of Israel is not an … Continue reading

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“Palestinian wanted to behead refugee because he “insulted his religious feelings,” also planned campaign of bloody revenge on Germans and Christians”

JERUSALEM POST Palestinian Islamist convicted of attempted murder of German officials by Benjamin Weinthal September 29. 2019 A German court in the southern city of Augsburg on Wednesday sentenced a radical Islamist Palestinian asylum seeker to a 10 year prison … Continue reading

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“As pressure to treat the Jewish state like a pariah has grown, so has the list of authors who refuse to allow their books to be published in Israel – or even translated in Hebrew, the language of the Jewish people”

AISH Authors Snubbing Israel by Dr. Yvette Alt Miller September 24, 2019 …British writer Kamila Shamsi won the prestigious Nelly Sachs literary prize, bestowed every other year by the city of Dortmund in Germany. A Nelly Sachs award comes with … Continue reading

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