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“The German government that resides in Berlin has in recent years allowed hundreds of thousands of antisemites from Muslim countries to immigrate without selection”

JERUSALEM POST Berlin – Europe’s antisemitism capital by Manfred Gerstenfeld February 8 2019 Berlin has become Europe’s capital of antisemitism. Those who have been accustomed to considering Malmö as such were, however, not wrong. Malmö still suffers from major antisemitism. … Continue reading

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“The anti-Israeli lobby campaign has infiltrated the highest circles of German government”

ARUTZ SHEVA Exposing German funding for Israel’s enemies by Petr Byson December 4, 2018 …Now we have begun to look at the influence foreign NGOs such as the Open Society Foundation have on media and politics in Germany, and German … Continue reading

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Kristallnacht 80 years later: “Amid the worst pogrom to take place in Germany since the Middle Ages, most US Jewish communal leaders told their constituents to keep quiet”

TIMES OF ISRAEL How to explain the ‘timid’ reaction of American Jewish leaders to Kristallnacht? by Matt Lebovic November 10, 2018 …Most notably, the influential General Jewish Council insisted on maintaining radio silence following Kristallnacht. Comprised of leaders from the … Continue reading

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“If Western Europe understands the value of the Western alliance and Trump doesn’t, why are they prioritizing their profits over the need to confront Iran?”

COMMENTARY Lessons from a century of history by Jonathan Tobin November 12, 2018 …Trump understands that the Iran deal must be renegotiated because the pact that President Barack Obama proclaimed as solving the nuclear threat is fatally flawed. The deal … Continue reading

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Germany: “BILD commentary is believed to be first instance in the best-selling paper of a call for the complete end of business deals with the Islamic Republic of Iran”

JERUSALEM POST Germany’s best-selling paper calls for end of Iran trade to protect Israel by Benjamin Weinthal October 2, 2018 In an eye-popping commentary on Monday, Germany’s top-selling paper BILD urged businesses to stop trade with the Islamic Republic of … Continue reading

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“Why Germany seeks to increase trade with a murderous theocracy bent on Israel’s destruction”

TABLET MAG Angela Merkel’s Ugly Romance With the Iranian Regime by Benjamin Weinthal September 25, 2018 …The moral and economic danger represented by Merkel’s emergence as Iran’s major champion in Europe has been a kind of secret that dare not … Continue reading

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“As far as the Europeans are concerned, Iran can kill whoever it wants [eg Israelis] so long as it doesn’t attack Europe”

WASHINGTON TIMES Iran’s greedy demands by Clifford D. May July 10, 2018 Britain, France and Germany are three of America’s closest allies, but they don’t always act like it. Last week in Vienna, their foreign ministers met with the foreign ministers of China and … Continue reading

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