The American Jewish Committee’s Berlin office said the incident demonstrated that “Israel-related antisemitism is one of the essential and most widespread manifestations of modern antisemitism”

Three Attackers in Berlin Beat Man Unconscious After He Refuses to Shout ‘Free Palestine’
by Sharon Wrobel
October 26, 2021

A 36-year old man was brutally beaten up by a group of three attackers in Berlin after he allegedly refused to say “Free Palestine,” police have said. According to an initial report by Berlin police, the victim was walking on a sidewalk on Monday night when he was approached by three men who asked him to shout out something aloud. A police spokesperson confirmed to the German press that the 36-year old, a German citizen, was asked to say the slogan “Free Palestine.” When the victim resisted the demand, the three men cornered him, beat him up and kicked him, seriously injuring his head, police said. READ MORE

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