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Deer in the headlights: StandWithUs prepares high school students for what they’ll find on America’s campuses

OBSERVER High School Students Armed to Fight Demonization of Israel by Lea Speyer March 30, 2017 In the fall of 2007, while a freshman at the University of California, Los Angeles, Miri Kornfeld stumbled upon an “apartheid wall” for the … Continue reading

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Trump and that theory about “empowering” anti-Semites: “How media created the very climate of hate they sought to preempt”

COMMENTARY The Real Trump Link in the Threats on Jews by Evelyn Gordon March 28, 2017 The arrest of a Jewish American-Israeli teen for making hundreds of bomb threats against American Jewish institutions in recent months seems to put paid … Continue reading

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Chicago Jewish Privilege: “Rather than commend Jewish success as something to aspire to, the authors of the flyer view it with contempt because in their demented Marxist view of the world, all gain is ill-gotten”

THE FEDERALIST Campus Intersectionalism Breeds Anti-Semitism Like Chicago ‘Jewish Privilege’ Flyers by Abraham Miller March 28, 2017 “ENDING WHITE PRIVILEGE STARTS WITH ENDING JEWISH PRIVILEGE,” screams a flyer distributed on the Chicago campus of the University of Illinois. Based on … Continue reading

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University of Illinois Chicago: “The expression “Jewish Privilege” is particularly chilling for Jews, of course, because Jews are so disproportionately successful in many realms of competition”

AMERICAN THINKER ‘Ending Jewish Privilege’ flyers distributed at University of Illinois, Chicago by Thomas Lifson March 18, 2017 The rising tide of Jew-hatred raised its ugly head in Chicago this week, hurling a slur that could signal a new rationale … Continue reading

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“A key teaching of the Book of Esther is that once the plague of Jew-hatred gets in the air, almost any environment can nourish it”

BOSTON GLOBE In the land where Jews are welcome, anti-Semitism is on the rise by Jeff Jacoby March 12, 2017 THIS WEEKEND, Jews the world over celebrate the festival of Purim, a highlight of which is the public reading of … Continue reading

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“If you talk privately to those who work in the Jewish organization world, many will confide that the greatest threat to the security of the American Jewish community is “changing demographics,” which is a euphemism for a growing population of Arab migrants to the United States”

WASHINGTON POST The great anti-Semitism panic of 2017 by David Bernstein March 8, 2017 …There is also a general sense among Jews, at least liberal Jews, that Trump’s supporters are significantly more anti-Semitic than the public at large. I have … Continue reading

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“The sad phenomenon of Jews accusing other Jews of provoking antisemitism can be found throughout Jewish history”

ALGEMEINER Antisemitism Isn’t Caused by the Political Left or Right by Rafael Medoff March 6, 2017 The recent attacks against the Jewish community have revealed a surprising abundance of self-proclaimed experts on the causes of antisemitism….Sure, it’s convenient to blame one’s … Continue reading

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