“Meanwhile, our newspapers are silent, ignoring what is one of the greatest stories of our time, the new French anti-Semitism”

I do not want to live in a Europe where Jews flee
by Giulio Meotti
August 11, 2018

We have imported from the Middle East, here in our once beautiful Europe, the anti-Semitic Islamic hatred, leaving a supremacist and aggressive counter-society growing within our own. And now we pay the consequences, after our elites have caressed and milked this slime of violence…The Islamists who attacked a church in Rouen, slaughtering Father Hamel at the foot of the altar, are the same ones who attack the synagogues, houses and schools of the Jews, killing them (already 13 victims). The same Europe, shamefully silent on its own internal anti-Semitism, is mute about Hamas firing rockets on the synagogues and the houses of the south of Israel. READ MORE

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