“HIAS wants ZOA and CAMERA disciplined for criticizing them”

HIAS and ZOA trade charges as Conference of Presidents battle escalates
by Staff
May 27, 2020

…In a May 14 letter addressed to Conference of Presidents chair Arthur Stark, HIAS issued a formal complaint against ZOA and CAMERA for alleged violations of civil discourse. HIAS’s complaint stems from opposition by ZOA, CAMERA and other Conference members to the nomination of Lob, the former chair of HIAS, as the next chair of the organization… The complaint by HIAS alleges that “ZOA and CAMERA have gone well beyond any acceptable boundaries of speech and behavior in a manner that adversely impacts the safety and security of HIAS’ staff, volunteers, lay leaders and partners.” READ MORE

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“Aaron David Miller was involved in the Oslo peace process and often seems wedded to the assumptions of Oslo that have been proven wrong time and time again”

Aaron David Miller gets closer to getting it, but not quite there
May 28, 2020

It is refreshing to see someone who has been involved in Oslo admit that Netanyahu, doing everything people like Miller have warned would be disastrous, has actually brought Israel closer to peace than all the world’s diplomats combined. All three reasons for this that Miller brings are valid, although I don’t agree that the third is the major reason. Israel was cultivating these relationships before anyone dreamed Trump would become president. There is a fourth reason, though, that is hugely important and unreported: Israel’s strength [which] has become overwhelming – not only militarily but also economically, technologically, politically and even in entertainment and on social media. READ MORE

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“Now in the opposition, the national-religious faction is uniquely positioned to significantly advance the cause of legal reform”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
Yamina’s great opportunity to seize the reins
by Caroline Glick
May 28, 2020

…Mandelblit’s aggressive interference in the elections – first by announcing his intention to indict Netanyahu at the height of the April 2019 election campaign, then by holding a prejudicial pre-indictment hearing of the premier ahead of the Sept. 17 second election, and finally by announcing his indictment of Netanyahu while he was standing next to President Donald Trump in the White House weeks before the third election in March, were not merely stunning abuses of power. They were a testament to the urgent need to remove unelected, unaccountable prosecutors from politics. READ MORE

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“Jonathan Gootenberg and Omar Abudayyeh are now the only researchers allowed inside the McGovern Institute, working relentlessly on an efficient, inexpensive test kit for COVID-19”

A Jewish and a Palestinian scientist team up for MIT at-home coronavirus test
by Rich Tenorio
May 29, 2020

Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, a silver lining is that researchers from diverse cultural backgrounds are coming together to work on the response — as Jewish-American Jonathan Gootenberg and Palestinian-American Omar Abudayyeh can attest. Gootenberg and Abudayyeh both work at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They are collaborating with the Broad Institute-based laboratory of MIT neuroscience professor Feng Zhang, which released a protocol of an at-home coronavirus test on May 8. READ MORE

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Speaking at Haaretz’s Judaism Conference, Trump’s ambassador to Israel says lack of ‘fluency’ in Judaism is the ‘greatest threat of all’

‘Jewish Illiteracy’ Is the Biggest Threat to Diaspora Jews, U.S. Ambassador Friedman Says
by Danielle Ziri
May 27, 2020

U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman believes that too many Diaspora Jews are “illiterate” about Judaism, which he says is the “greatest threat of all” to the continuity of Jewish life outside of Israel. The ambassador made the comment during Haaretz’s Judaism, Israel and Diaspora conference held virtually on Wednesday. “The Jewish state, while not without issues, is growing: both religious and secular institutions are thriving, basic Jewish education is available to all and there is little risk of assimilation,” he said. “The same cannot be said for the Diaspora,” Friedman said at the conference…READ MORE

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IfNotNow (an anti-Israel group) attacks Democratic ally Rep Betty McCollum (an anti-Israel congresswoman) over Minneapolis rioting

IfNotNow Founder Endorses Minneapolis Looting
by Adam Kredo
May 29, 2020

As violent protests rage in Minneapolis following the death of a man in police custody, the founder of a leading anti-Israel group lashed out at a Democratic ally who issued a call for calm. Yonah Lieberman, the founder of IfNotNow, a virulently anti-Israel group aligned with far-left Democrats, took aim at Rep. Betty McCollum (D., Minn.) after she issued an appeal for the protesters to end their violent siege of Minneapolis…”Betty is a progressive champion on so many issues, but really gets it wrong here, siding with multi-billion dollar corporations over the people of color that elected her,” Lieberman said. READ MORE

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“Israel is a strategic beachhead of the US in the Middle East. It is in effect the largest US aircraft carrier, yet it does not require a single American boot on the ground”

US Aid to Israel Is a High-Yield Investment
by Dr Frank Musmar
May 24, 2020

…Israel’s relationship with Saudi Arabia and other Arab Gulf states has improved dramatically in the recent past, irrespective of the Palestinian issue. Because of this new warmth, the US does not have to choose between strategic cooperation with Jerusalem versus Riyadh. US-Israel and US-Arab relations complement one another, and that synergy works to Washington’s benefit. On the economic front, critical components of leading American high-tech products are invented and designed in Israel, making the American companies that manufacture those products more competitive and profitable. Cisco, Intel, Motorola, Applied Materials, and HP are just a few examples. READ MORE

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