#BDSFail “For the Democrats to respond to events quickly and decisively was crucial”

Illinois Democrats Take Stand against Anti-Israel Boycott Campaign
by Josh Block
September 19, 2017

The Democrats scored an important victory against hatred and intolerance earlier this month when State Senator Daniel Biss announced that he had dropped his running mate, Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, in his bid for the Democratic nomination for Illinois governor. A week earlier the Evanston Democrat had selected Ramirez-Rosa to run alongside him in the Democratic primary. But the relationship quickly soured over Ramirez-Rosa’s support of the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, a fringe anti-Semitic group that calls for the ostracization of companies and institutions that do business with Israel. Within hours of Ramirez-Rosa’s nomination, Illinois Democrats launched a campaign of protest, expressing a zero-tolerance stance against BDS and anti-Semitism in Democratic Party ranks. READ MORE

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#UniversityOfMaryland “Melissa Landa says she began feeling antagonism from her superiors days after joining campus activist groups”

University of Maryland professor says she was fired for being pro-Israel
by Ben Sales
September 21, 2017

Days after joining a pro-Israel group, Melissa Landa knew something had gone wrong: She said her mentor stopped working with her, pulling out of a conference presentation just days in advance. Landa didn’t know that her mentor, John O’Flahavan, would then stop taking her calls. Or that O’Flahavan would soon dismiss her from teaching the education course she designed. Or that one year later, she would be fired from the college where she had taught for more than a decade. But in the late spring, with little warning, Landa found herself packing up her office at the University of Maryland. READ MORE

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Conan in Israel “Viewers who watched Conan’s Israel special at preview stunned to find whole segment dedicated to the death of a Palestinian teen”

Comedian Conan O’Brien edits Israel travel special after controversy over contents
by Amy Spiro
September 21, 2017

The Israeli travel special Conan O’Brien aired for audiences around America Tuesday night showcased the fun, frivolous and routine side of life in Israel. What most viewers were unaware of, however, was that after a preview screening on Monday night, the team behind the TBS show edited out portions filmed in Bethlehem and added a disclaimer to another segment. The original version of the show – screened for 200 people in Los Angeles on Monday – included a scene filmed in a home in Bethlehem where a father discussed his son, who he said was killed by IDF soldiers during a riot…But in the post-screening Q&A, some audience members expressed their discomfort with the footage…when it came to the show aired Tuesday night, the footage of the grieving father was nowhere to be found – not even in the online exclusives. READ MORE

TBS Special Conan Without Border: Israel

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Shanah Tovah (שנה טובה), gefilte fish and sermons for 5778: “As for President Trump, most non-Orthodox Jews deem opposition to him tantamount to a religious commandment”

What Will Your Rabbi Talk About This Week?
by Dennis Prager
September 19, 2017

…You would think that rabbis have a deep well from which to choose the subject of their sermons. And many do. But Jews from all over America increasingly tell me that their rabbis speak about what most of us would deem politics. Many non-Orthodox rabbis (and I do not write this as an Orthodox Jew) have chosen the holiest days in the Jewish calendar to speak about global warming, racism, sexism, transgender issues, immigration, “dreamers,” food insecurity, single-payer health insurance and the like. And this year, many rabbis will surely also talk about President Trump as a threat to American Jews. They will solemnly sermonize that he is a white supremacist who winks at American neo-Nazis. READ MORE

WALL STREET JOURNAL I Still Have Nightmares.’ The Dicey Future of Jarred Gefilte Fish

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“Cairo leadership builds ties with Israel and fosters Palestinian unity” while it sidelines Abbas [VIDEO]

Egyptian leader Sissi is showing his mettle by posing with Netanyahu
by Avi Issacharoff
September 19, 2017

In meeting publicly with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has once again proved that he is the bravest Arab leader in the region. Sissi dared to do what other Arab heads will only do under the radar — sit down with Israeli leaders, among them Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman. Netanyahu and Sissi’s meeting on Monday night on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York provides a clear indication that at the moment Sissi feels confident enough of his position in Egypt and the Arab world to publicly reveal that such an event took place. READ MORE

ISRAEL HAYOM Netanyahu: US understands the need to take action on Iran. Bibi and Trump meet in New York.

PJ MEDIA Trump Hits Home Run for America in UN Speech

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“Sunday’s surprise announcement that Hamas had dissolved its administrative committee in Gaza and agreed to reconciliation is unlikely to defy the precedent”

The Doomed Palestinian Reconciliation Plan
by Grant Rumley
September 17, 2017

Of the demands Palestinians often make of their leaders, reconciliation between their two largest political factions perennially tops the list. Fatah, which controls the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank, and the Islamist terror group Hamas, which wrested control of the Gaza Strip in a civil war in 2007, have waged a low-intensity conflict for over a decade. Between flare-ups, the two have often responded to the will of their people by announcing various unity agreements..From the start, Abbas made his demands of Hamas clear: dismantle the administrative committee, bring Gaza back under the PA’s control, and prepare for national elections. Hamas countered by insisting it wouldn’t budge until he rescinded his crippling sanctions. READ MORE

GATESTONE Palestinians Imprison Journalists for Exposing Corruption

PALESTINIAN MEDIA WATCH Fatah spokesman to Hamas:Don’t recognize Israel; Fatah doesn’t and never will

COMMENTARY Israel Courts Shield Hamas Officials from Consequences

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“For the first time in Israel’s history, the United States Army has opened a permanent base on Israeli soil, flying the Stars and Stripes inside an IDF base” [VIDEO]

IDF, US Army celebrate inauguration of first American base in Israel
by Anna Ahronheim
September 18, 2017

“Due to the close cooperation between us and the American forces in the field of air defense, as well as the extensive experience accumulated by the Aerial Defense Division, it was decided that the first permanent base of the American Army would be established at the School of Air Defense,” Brig.-Gen Zvika Haimovitch, head of the IDF’s Aerial Defense Division, stated on Monday…The base, Haimovitch stated, “represents the long-standing partnership, the strategic commitment between the armies and the militaries of our countries” and “adds another layer to the security of the State of Israel in defending the threats of rocket or missile fire.”…According to Haimovitch, several dozen American soldiers will be stationed at the permanent base in southern Israel…READ MORE

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