Cory Booker translated: I’ll meet with antisemites like Louis Farrakhan, who has called Jews “satanic” and compared them to “termites.” No red lines here.

Cory Booker will not stop meeting with Louis Farrakhan
by Marcy Oster, JTA
June 24, 2019

Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., a candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, said in Columbia, South Carolina that he would continue to meet with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a notorious anti-Semite…He was responding to a question from an audience member about whether he would avoid Farrakhan over his antisemitism. In recent months Farrakhan has called Jews “satanic” and compared them to “termites.” He has accused Jews of controlling the government and Hollywood, and has called Hitler a “great man.”…Booker’s remarks come days after he slammed former Vice President Joe Biden, another 2020 candidate, for working with segregationist Democrats in the 1970’s…READ MORE

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“The decision of six Arab states to attend the Bahrain conference despite the Palestinian boycott call shows that the Arabs have chosen to endorse a new direction – one that will leave the Palestinians to fend for themselves in a hell of their own making”

Palestinians and the Bahrain Conference: Condemning Arabs While Asking for Arab Money
by Khaled Abu Toameh
June 24, 2019

…In the past week, Palestinian officials and factions were unanimous in making a last-minute appeal to the Arab states to heed the Palestinian call for boycotting the economic conference in Manama, Bahrain…The Palestinian strategy is clear: to incite the Arab masses against their leaders and governments. The Palestinian attacks are no longer directed against US President Donald Trump and his “Zionist” advisers, Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman. Now the targets are the Arab heads of state, particularly those who are seen by Palestinians are being in collusion with Israel and the Trump administration. READ MORE

ELDER OF ZIYON The unspoken “or elses” that proves that Palestinian leaders are monsters When Abbas says “no” to $50 billion in economic aid that would build an infrastructure, create universities, empower women and provide tens of thousands of jobs, he is saying that he wants more. He demands a state, half of Jerusalem, the “right of return,” Israel releasing thousands of prisoners including the most heinous terrorists, 100% of the territory on the Jordanian and Egyptian sides of the 1949 armistice lines, and more. If he doesn’t get that, there is an “or else.” An “or else” that no one talks about, because when it is defined, it shows that Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah leaders are monsters. The idea is too terrible for tender Western sensitivities so it gets papered over.

JERUSALEM POST Saudi official says ‘Deal of Century’ leads to full Palestinian statehood The official slammed Palestinian leadership as “irresponsible” for not even considering the Deal of the Century, which will bring 60 billion USD to their people.

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The Israeli Left: Our country is wrong pretty much no matter what they do. Or as Philip Roth put it: “When It comes to defaming Jews, the Palestinians are pipsqueaks next to Ha’aretz”

How the Israeli Left Lost It
by Edward Alexander
June 23, 2019

The heart sinks, the mind reels to learn that the odious doctrines of “diversity” and multiculturalism (a euphemism for cultural deprivation) have spread from American universities to Israel…Nisan cites a notorious recent example, much beloved of feminist Israel-haters: “One of the most weird and morally staggering innovations at the Hebrew University, was a student’s sociological research on Israeli soldiers who, despite the alleged wicked occupation of the territories, refrain from raping Palestinian women. The researcher concluded that Jewish soldiers were racist and exclusivist in refusing the opportunity to exploit Arab women as sex plunder.” READ MORE

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“”Frenchness” is disappearing and being replaced by a kind balkanization of enclaves not communicating with one another”

The Suicide of France
by Giulio Meotti
June 23, 2019

“Regarding France in 2019, it can no longer be denied that a momentous and hazardous transformation, a ‘Great Switch’, is in the making”, observed the founder and president of the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Institute, Michel Gurfinkiel. He was mourning “the passing of France as a distinct country, or at least as the Western, Judeo-Christian nation it had hitherto been presumed to be”. A recent cover story in the weekly Le Point called it “the great upheaval“. Switch or upheaval, the days of France as we knew it are numbered: the society has lost its cultural center of gravity: the old way of life is fading and close to “extinction“.  READ MORE

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Rabbi Sacks to House of Lords: “Within living memory of the Holocaust, antisemitism has returned exactly as it did in the 19th century”

Rabbi Sacks: Rise in antisemitism today similar to Holocaust-era
by Tamar Beeri
June 23, 2019

The UK’s House of Lords debated the subject of antisemitism in the country’s politics, with Britain’s former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks describing the rise of antisemitism in Europe today being similar to that of Holocaust-era Europe. Sacks expressed his shock that when he visited Poland, he found that the Warsaw Ghetto was located in the city center. “Try to imagine 400,000 Hindus or Sikhs imprisoned within ghetto walls in the middle of London,” Sacks said on Thursday. “Imagine people passing those walls every day, knowing that behind them, thousands were dying or being sent to their deaths, and no one said a word. How did it happen? READ MORE

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“Ahead of June 25-26 Bahrain conference, Trump team releases proposal for $50 billion package that’s supposed to transform economy of West Bank, Gaza and surrounding nations”

White House finally unveils ‘Peace to Prosperity’ economic plan for Palestinians
by Eric Cortellessa
June 22, 2019

Days before the US-sponsored Bahrain conference, the White House released its proposal to boost the Palestinian economy by offering a $50 billion aid package that can only be implemented through an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. The 40-page plan, which Senior Adviser Jared Kushner will push in Manama next week, rests on three initiatives, according to the document — to “unleash the economic potential” of the Palestinians, “empower the Palestinians to realize their ambitions,” and “enhance Palestinian governance.” READ MORE

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US national security adviser to meet with Netanyahu, discuss Iran with Russian and Israeli counterparts

Bolton lands in Israel ahead of unprecedented security summit
by Staff
June 22, 2019

US National Security Adviser John Bolton landed in Israel on Saturday ahead of an unprecedented trilateral meeting in Jerusalem of top security officials from the United States, Israel and Russia. Bolton will discuss regional issues with his counterparts, Meir Ben-Shabbat and Nikolai Patrushev. Iran’s efforts to entrench itself militarily in Syria and the escalating tensions between Tehran and Washington are expected to top the agenda…[An unnamed US security official] added that Washington was sure that the summit, with Israel hosting both Russia and the US in Jerusalem, would irk Iranian leadership, and said that the fact that Russia was participating was a positive sign. READ MORE

JEWISH POLICY CENTER When the World Starts Today For Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, the world must start fresh every day. That would explain her ignorance on Iran. “None of this [tension] would be happening if Trump didn’t back out of the Iran nuclear deal,” Omar said on Twitter.

TIMES OF ISRAEL US reportedly launched cyber attack on Iran after drone downing Long-planned operation targeted missile systems and spy network tracking ships in Strait of Hormuz, according to Washington Post

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