Gunman kills prominent Jordian writer Nahed Hattar outside Amman court where he was facing charges over Facebook posting “offensive” anti-ISIS cartoon

Jordan: Nahed Hattar shot dead ahead of cartoon trial
September 25, 2016

A gunman has shot dead prominent Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar outside a court where he was facing charges for sharing a cartoon deemed offensive to Islam. Hattar was struck by three bullets before the unidentified assailant was arrested on Sunday, state news agency Petra reported. Witnesses and police said Nahed Hattar, 56, was preparing to enter the courthouse for a hearing when the lone gunman shot him at close range…Hattar, a Christian, was arrested on August 13 after posting a caricature on his Facebook account that depicted a bearded man in heaven smoking in bed with women, asking God to bring him wine and cashews. READ MORE

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Social Justice Warriors: “You don’t care at all about the Palestinians. You represent a campaign of hate and bigotry, disguised as a national-liberation movement. You then add to it a phony veneer of social-justice and—the irony!—a sprinkle of political correctness, in order to attract well-intentioned progressives to support your cause”

Dear Anti-Israel Activist
by Nevet Basker
September 24, 2016

Dear Anti-Israel Activist, I don’t know you personally, but I know what you do. You demonstrate on college campuses, in front of stores that sell Israeli products, at co-op grocery outlets, and in the town squares of liberal places like my community of Seattle. You wear a keffiyeh and carry signs that say “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Shall Be Free” and other slogans that deny Israel’s right to exist. I see your swastikas and other classic antisemitic images. READ MORE

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#BLM #Charlotte Nothing says “family man” like assaulting women and children

Protest Thugs and the Real Evil in Charlotte
by Daniel Greenfield
September 23, 2016

Keith Lamont Scott was scum. He had been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in two different states and convicted of assault in three states. He had been hit with “assault with intent to kill” charges in the 90s. His record of virtue included “assault on a child under 12” and “assault on a female.” The media spin; “Family and neighbors call Scott a quiet ‘family man.’  Nothing says “quiet” like “assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill” and nothing says “family man” like assaulting women and children. READ MORE

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“The goal of the president and his closest aides is to convince the Iranians that we would meet our commitments to them while confusing and obscuring the real reasons behind the president’s …nonintervention in Syria”

Obama’s Syria Policy Striptease
by Tony Badran
September 21, 2016

America’s settled policy of standing by while half a million Syrians have been killed, millions have become refugees, and large swaths of their country have been reduced to rubble is not a simple “mistake,” as critics like Nicholas D. Kristof and Roger Cohen have lately claimed. Nor is it the product of any deeper-seated American impotence or of Vladimir Putin’s more recent aggressions. Rather, it is a byproduct of America’s overriding desire to clinch a nuclear deal with IranREAD MORE

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Bibi in NYC for UN, meets with Hillary and Donald on Sunday

Netanyahu to ask Clinton, Trump not to back imposing a diplomatic solution on Israel
by Herb Keinon
September 24, 2016

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to meet separately in New York on Sunday with both Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. The meetings are scheduled to take place just a day before the two candidates square off for their first presidential debate…Only after both camps consented was it agreed that the meetings would take place, so as not to present in any way the perception of the prime minister favoring one candidate over the other. READ MORE

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“Precisely because he has a colder view of international affairs than Obama, Netanyahu’s leadership has made Israel stronger than ever”

The Real Middle East Story
by Walter Russell Mead
September 23, 2016

Virtually every Arab and Middle Eastern leader thinks that Bibi is smarter and stronger than President Obama, and as American prestige across the Middle East has waned under Obama, Israel’s prestige — even among people who hate it — has grown. Bibi’s reset with Russia, unlike Obama’s, actually worked. His pivot to Asia has been more successful than Obama’s. He has had far more success building bridges to Sunni Muslims than President Obama, and both Russia and Iran take Bibi and his red lines much more seriously than they take Obama’s expostulations and pious hopes. READ MORE

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US Jewish donors: 84% of all contributions went to Hilllary

US Jewish Donors Mostly Avoid Trump, Favor Clinton
by JNi.Media
September 22, 2016

The website FiveThirtyEight, whose Editor in Chief Nate Silver is possibly the most trusted odds maker in North America, published a report Wednesday suggesting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is being abandoned by Jewish donors…The FiveThirtyEight authors were hoping that studying Jewish political contributors would offer a “useful signal,” because, while they may be an insignificant percentage of the population, Jews make up a much larger share of campaign contributors…But in 2016, out of the $95 million given to presidential campaigns so far by Jewish donors, according to FiveThirtyEight, 84% went to Democrats, only 16% to Republicans, including all 16 losers in the primaries. READ MORE

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