He Persisted

Benjamin Netanyahu becomes Israel’s longest-serving prime minister
by Matthew Continetti
July 19, 2019

On July 20, Benjamin Netanyahu becomes Israel’s longest-serving prime minister…Netanyahu has endured because the Israeli public entrusts him with its security. The left discredited itself. It has collapsed as an effective political force. Its embrace of Oslo was a disaster that ended in bloodshed, separation, and stalemate. One of the secrets of Netanyahu’s success is that the alternatives to him are unpalatable. The Labor Party of Ehud Barak withdrew from Lebanon, and the Kadima Party under Ehud Olmert launched an unpopular war against Hezbollah whose outcome was ambiguous. READ MORE

FRONT PAGE MAG Professor Jason Hill: A Moral Philosopher’s Letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu As a matter of moral fact, you have the right to apply Israeli law over every square inch of Israel. Your country is small. It cannot shrink any more.

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Newton, MA high school textbook teaches “several hundred Palestinian women have been imprisoned, tortured, and killed by Israeli occupation forces”

Teaching High School Students to Demonize Israel
by Liel Leibovitz
July 18, 2019

Shortly after Rosh Hashanah of 2011, Shiri Pagliuso, a Jewish ninth grader at the Newton South High School, came home with an awkward question for her father. She had learned some things about Israel in school, she said, and she wanted to know if they were true. For example, she asked if it was true that Israel was systematically torturing and killing Palestinian women. Her father, Tony Pagliuso, pressed her for more information, so the young woman produced the handout she was given at school, titled the Arab World Studies Notebook. READ MORE

CAMERA has produced an excellent monograph on this subject. Read it here: Indoctrinating Our Youth: How a U.S. Public School Curriculum Skews the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Islam

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“It wasn’t lost on anyone that Israeli Air Force pilots could use the F-35 to fly from Israel to Tehran and back without detection — and without having to refuel at U.S. air bases in Saudi Arabia or Iraq”

The F-35 has already freaked out Iran and changed everything in the Middle East
by Jake Novak
July 18, 2019

No conversation about the world’s massive political and economic changes since 2015 is complete without mentioning the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, developed by Lockheed Martin. That became even clearer this week thanks to a somewhat cheeky statement by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in response to Iran’s provocative moves in the Persian Gulf and other threats from Tehran. Standing in front of an F-35 jet parked at an Israeli Air Force base, Netanyahu barely held back a smile as he said that Israel can reach Iran, but Iran cannot reach Israel. He didn’t add the words “undetected by radar,” but it was surely implied. READ MORE

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Elizabeth Warren campaign hires anti-Israel activist; Bernie Sanders tried that too.

Hiring Pro-Hamas Aide Completes Elizabeth Warren’s Anti-Israel Pivot
by Erielle Davidson
July 17, 2019

…Adam Kredo at the Washington Free Beacon reported that Warren recently hired anti-Israel radical Max Berger, who helped to found the IfNotNow organization, a group that has devoted itself to damaging Israel’s reputation in America under the guise of seeking an end to Israel’s “occupation” of Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem. In doing so, IfNotNow routinely ignores Palestinian terrorism against Jews, promotes the “scholarship” of noted terrorist spokespersons, and even harasses young Jews attending Birthright trips. Berger’s co-founder, Simone Zimmerman, previously served as the Jewish outreach coordinator for Bernie Sanders, until she was fired for writing a profanity-filled Facebook post directed at Benjamin Netanyahu. READ MORE

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The New Yorker “consistently singles out Israel for condemnation, while ignoring real violations of human rights”

J’accuse — The New Yorker Is Trying to Silence Me
by Alan M. Dershowitz
July 18, 2019

I recently learned, from a source close to The New Yorker magazine, that its editor, David Remnick, has commissioned a hit piece against me for the explicit purpose of silencing my defense of President Trump, Prime Minister Netanyahu, and the State of Israel. Remnick despises Trump and Netanyahu, and is well known for his strong anti-Israel bias. Remnick explicitly told people that I must be silenced because mine has been the most persuasive voice in favor of what Remnick feels pose dangers to values he holds dear, and that he will use the credibility of The New Yorker to accomplish this goal. READ MORE

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“Supporters of BDS, however, must reckon with some inconvenient facts and some rather important laws: The movement’s anti-Semitism often leads it to advocate violations of the law”

The Anti-Semitic BDS Movement Advocates Illegal Discrimination
by David French
July 18, 2019

Yesterday, in a rather stunning feat of what looks like malicious trolling, Representative Ilhan Omar co-sponsored a resolution designed to support the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement against the state of Israel. The resolution itself is clever. It doesn’t mention Israel, and is crafted as an ode to free speech. Its key operative provision merely “affirms that all Americans have the right to participate in boycotts in pursuit of civil and human rights at home and abroad, as protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.” READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL US House leaders advance anti-BDS bill, sparking fears of divide among Democrats The House Foreign Affairs Committee advanced a resolution on Wednesday that rejects the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel, stoking concerns among Democrats that the measure could cause infighting within the party. House Resolution 246 — which also calls for increased security aid to Israel and a two-state solution — currently has 341 cosponsors and would easily pass if it were brought to the floor.

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“As a martyr, she is joined in heaven by thousands of Christian brothers, who died in the arena of barbarism”

Jihadists rape, stone Christian woman to death in Syria
by Benjamin Weinthal
July 18, 2019

Islamic terrorists from the Jihadist organization Jabhat al-Nusra stoned to death an Armenian Christian woman living in the Syrian province of Idlib. Christian and human rights groups reported over the last week that the 60-year-old Suzan Der Kirkour was found dead outside of her village, al-Yaqoubiyeh. According to the website of International Christian Concern (ICC), “An autopsy revealed that Suzan was tortured and repeatedly raped over an estimated period of nine hours. She was then stoned to death.” READ MORE

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