John Cusack: “I thought I was endorsing a pro Palestinian justice retweet”

John Cusack deletes tweet after being accused of anti-Semitism
by Zack Budryk
June 17, 2019

Actor John Cusack deleted a tweet containing an anti-Semitic image Monday, blaming the initial post on a “bot.” The image Cusack posted depicted a giant hand bearing a Star of David enveloping a group of people, accompanied by the words “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize,” which it attributed to Voltaire, with Cusack adding, “Follow the money.” The quote, frequently misattributed to the French satirist, was in fact said by American white nationalist Kevin Alfred Strom. READ MORE

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Berlin’s “Jewish” Museum: “Under these circumstances, one has to consider whether the name ‘Jewish’ is still appropriate”

Berlin Jewish Museum Director Quits Over BDS Tweet
June 14, 2019

The director of Berlin’s showcase Jewish Museum resigned from his post on Friday following outrage over a tweet by the museum’s team earlier this week that was supportive of the anti-Zionist boycott campaign targeting Israel. In a statement sent to The Associated Press, museum chief Peter Schaefer said he was quitting to prevent further damage to the museum. Germany’s Central Council of Jews led the chorus of criticism after the museum’s Twitter account on Tuesday posted a link to an article about Jewish academics rejecting a German parliament resolution that denounced the BDS campaign as antisemitic, tagging it “#mustread.” READ MORE

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“Yossi Klein Halevi wrote a book of ‘Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor.’ Here’s what happened when Mohammed Dajani, a hardliner who later took his students to Auschwitz, wrote back”

When an ex-Fatah Palestinian ‘neighbor’ took up a Zionist author’s challenge
by David Horovitz
June 12, 2019

…Now, a year later, the paperback edition of “Letters” is being published and, lo and behold, it includes an epilogue — more than 50 pages of Palestinian responses to the original text. Thoughtful, proud, fierce, pained and gracious in turn, Klein Halevi’s Palestinian interlocutors accepted his challenge, most strikingly, with empathy. And none more so than a Palestinian academic named Mohammed Dajani Daoudi, whose name may ring a bell with some readers. For it was Dajani, five years ago, who led a group of 27 Palestinian students on an unprecedented visit to Auschwitz — with all manner of abiding, shattering consequences. READ MORE

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“Their billionaire descendants, who control Krispy Kreme, Stumptown and other brands, are grappling with the exposure of an unspeakable secret”

Nazis Killed Her Father. Then She Fell in Love With One.
by Katrin Bennhold
June 14, 2019

Emilie Landecker was 19 when she went to work for Benckiser, a German company that made industrial cleaning products and also took pride in cleansing its staff of non-Aryan elements. It was 1941. Ms. Landecker was half Jewish and terrified of deportation. Her new boss, Albert Reimann Jr., was an early disciple of Adolf Hitler and described himself as an “unconditional follower” of Nazi race theory. Somehow, inexplicably, they fell in love. READ MORE

NEW YORK TIMES What Is JAB? Owner of Panera, Snapple and Krispy Kreme Faces Its Nazi Past The average person probably hasn’t heard of JAB Holding. The same can’t be said for the vast empire of brands — a stable that includes Keurig coffee pods, Dr Pepper, Snapple, Einstein Bros. Bagels and Krispy Kreme doughnuts — it amassed in years of deal-making. Here’s how the conglomerate, whose controlling family is now grappling with its Nazi past, flourished.

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“It is unbelievable that in our capital city an anti-Semitic film has an easier time finding a venue than a movie talking about Islamic fundamentalism in Europe that is forcing Jews to leave”

Despite pressure, film about rising anti-Semitism in Europe gets Jerusalem screening
June 13, 2019

After several venues canceled screenings at the last minute, a controversial documentary film directed by U.K. right-wing media figure Katie Hopkins was shown in Jerusalem Tuesday evening…The film warns of the rising tide of anti-Semitism across Western Europe, attributed primarily to waves of Muslim immigration that the film notes “are changing the face of Europe.” The film details the “silent exodus” of Jews and Christians that no longer feel safe in their homes and draws comparisons between contemporary Europe and pre-World War II Germany. READ MORE

AMERICAN THINKER Raymond Ibrahim: The 630 Year-Old Reason Eastern Europeans Dislike Islam Why Eastern Europeans are much more reluctant to accept Muslim migrants than their Western counterparts can be traced back to circumstances surrounding a pivotal battle, that of Kosovo, which took place today, June 15, exactly 630 years ago today in 1389. It pitted Muslim invaders against Eastern European defenders, or the ancestors of those many Eastern Europeans today who are resistant to Islam.

JTA Germany is accused of downplaying anti-Semitic attacks by Muslims In a 2016 survey of hundreds of German Jews who had experienced anti-Semitic incidents, 41 percent said the perpetrator was “someone with a Muslim extremist view” and another 16 percent said it was someone from the far left. Only 20 percent identified their aggressors as belonging to the far-right.

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“How Britain’s Labour Party was transformed, and how to stop it from happening here”

Is Corbynization the Democratic Party’s Future?
by Robert Philbot
June 2019

…In the 2017 election, 69 percent of Britain’s Jews voted for the Conservative Party—a stunning number, considering that Labour was the same kind of home for Jews that the Democratic Party has been in the United States. The open anti-Semitism of so many Corbynites—paralleled this year by the noxious words of superstar freshman Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar—have compelled many left-wing Jews (and non-Jews) to abandon their long-time political home. And they have led many others to fear the consequences of it coming to power…READ MORE

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Senate unanimously passes resolution by Senators Ted Cruz and Tim Kaine condemning all forms of anti-Semitism

U.S. Senate passes resolutions condemning ‘all forms of antisemitism’
by Ilanit Chernick
June 15, 2019

The United States Senate has passed two resolutions on Thursday against antisemitism, one unanimously condemning “all forms of antisemitism.” The Bipartisan Cruz-Kaine Resolution, which was put forward by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sen. Tim Kaine ((D-VA), was described by Cruz as “what should hopefully be a simple, but crucially important matter for the Senate”… According to Cruz, this resolution was also prompted “unfortunately by the inability of the House of Representatives to come together and vote on a resolution straightforwardly and directly condemning antisemitism.” READ MORE

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