The author’s “claim where Israel is the personification of whatever is fashionably evil at the moment are not only tenuous – they are fictional”

Jasbir Puar’s intersectional anti-Israel academic gibberish
October 20, 2017

…It is, as always, an amazing coincidence that such a high percentage of so-called “academics” somehow manage to find Israel to be the paradigm of whatever evil they identify – “settler-colonialism” is a classic example, but even campus rape and racism have been linked to Israel through the magic of the new intersectionality where any two concepts can be linked as long as the author hates both of them – and one of them is Israel. We looked at the hate that animated a speech of Puar’s last year, when she attempted to link Israel to pretty much everything evil at a conference on gender and ecological issues…READ MORE

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Kathy Griffin “culturally appropriates” an Islamist executioner, yet there’s no outcry from the left

Kathy Griffin Needs To Check Her Infidel Privilege
by A.J Caschetta
October 19, 2017

…[Kathy] Griffin’s defiant lack of contrition for her cultural appropriation of a time-honored radical Islamic tradition is appalling. Not unlike a white guy selling burritos, a white woman doing yoga or a non-Hispanic wearing a sombrero on Cinco de Mayo, Griffin’s decapitation stunt emulated a sacred Islamic ritual without a full appreciation of the culture from whence it originates. Griffin, after all, is a liberal provocateur, a female artist, a supporter of gay rights – all anathema to the jihad ethos. READ MORE

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Nazi Concentration Camps on British Soil

Jewish slave laborers were worked to death in Alderney, a small Channel Island
by Dr. Yvette Alt Miller
October 21, 2017

The very idea that Britain, which fought against Nazi Germany and its allies throughout World War II, was home to Nazi camps might seem inconceivable. Yet thousands of Jews and others were imprisoned and murdered in a complex of four Nazi camps on a picturesque spot of countryside in Britain’s Channel Islands, which were occupied by Germany during the War… In 1940, with war raging, Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill faced an agonizing decision: maintain a military presence in the tiny Channel Islands, which had been British dependencies for centuries, or redirect Britain’s forces elsewhere?…In June of 1940, Hitler’s forces bombed the islands and then occupied them for the remainder of the war. READ MORE

DAILY MAIL Hitler’s British death island: Astonishing story of how the Nazis murdered 40,000 people in Channel Island concentration camps – and planned to blitz the South Coast with chemical weapons

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“The University of Chicago has always been usefully out of step with its peers in higher education…and takes perverse pride in its reputation as the place where fun goes to die”

America’s Best University President
by Bret Stephens
October 20, 2017

Several years ago Robert Zimmer was asked by an audience in China why the University of Chicago was associated with so many winners of the Nobel Prize — 90 in all, counting this month’s win by the behavioral economist Richard Thaler. Zimmer, the university’s president since 2006, answered that the key was a campus culture committed to “discourse, argument and lack of deference.” Reflecting on that exchange in March, Zimmer noted a depressing trend: While Chinese academics have made strides to “inject more argumentation and challenge into their education,” their American peers are moving “in the opposite direction.” As universities go, so ultimately go the fate of nations. READ MORE

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“Once upon a time, left-wing Jewish students stood up to the bullies and chose to walk away rather than join the Israel bashers”

When the Jewish Left Had Integrity
by Mitchell Bard
October 19, 2017

After Ferguson, we saw that students supporting BLM [Black Lives Matter] had begun to incorporate the anti-Israel propaganda spewed by groups such as JVP [Jewish Voice for Peace] and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) into their protests. I initially thought that Israel might have a bit of a honeymoon on campus this year, because students would be focusing their ire on Donald Trump, but instead, the Israel-haters are seeking to glom onto these protests. At Tufts University, for example, left-wing students disseminated a “Disorientation Guide” that attacked Hillel for supporting “a white supremacist state.” Hillel was also accused of exploiting “black voices for their own pro-Israel agenda” because, three years earlier, the parents of Trayvon Martin, the black teenager shot in Florida, were invited to speak about gun violence. READ MORE

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“Whether or not you’re a journalist, Americans can be sentenced to prison just for existing in Turkey”

Turkey Is Behaving like an Enemy Now
by Michael J. Totten
October 12, 2017

Turkey, along with the American-Turkish relationship, is going so far off the rails so quickly right now that there’s no chance you’re aware of everything that’s going on unless you track it professionally or get Google Alerts in your inbox. Where to even begin? We could start, I suppose, with the fact that a Turkish court sentenced a Wall Street Journal reporter to two years in prison in absentia for “promoting a terrorist organization.” Her real crime? Interviewing and quoting members of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK). In other words, doing her job. The reporter, Ayla Albayrak, is in the United States now, so President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan can’t get his grubby mitts on her, but let this be a lesson to all journalists who write about Turkey.You can and will be sentenced to prison. READ MORE

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‘We should not have abandoned Kurdistan, the only real pole of stability in the region’

The United States Serves Up Kurdistan to Iran on a Silver Platter
by Bernard-Henri Lévy
October 17, 2017

On Monday of this week, what had been feared transpired: Paramilitary units supported by elements of the Iraqi army attacked in the vicinity of Kirkuk. …Whether one is for or against the independence of Kurdistan; whether one favors total independence or limited autonomy; whether one has in mind a clean break from Iraq or one of several federal arrangements preferred by some leaders in Irbil and Sulaimaniyah, one thing is beyond comprehension: that the world should watch while an entire nation is seized peremptorily by the throat, attacked on all fronts, dismembered, devastated, and humiliated. READ MORE

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