“Biden administration has a standard response when reporters ask why Iran is enriching uranium to higher and higher levels or deploying more advanced centrifuges: It’s all Donald Trump’s fault”

Iran Is in Position for a Surprise Nuclear Breakout
Andrea Stricker
May 17, 2022

“Our nuclear program is advancing as planned and time is on our side,” an unnamed Iranian official bluntly told Reuters on May 5. “Oil sales have doubled,” noted Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi last Monday. In short, since the election of Joe Biden, Tehran has not only made impressive strides toward a nuclear weapons capability but repaired much of the financial damage done by U.S. sanctions. It’s plain to see the clerical regime is in no rush to negotiate a revised nuclear deal. What’s the hurry when both oil exports and enriched uranium stockpiles are surging? But the risk here is not just that Tehran keeps stalling. It is that protracted negotiations may provide cover for a nuclear breakout—that is, the production of enough weapons-grade uranium for one or more bombs. READ MORE

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Kate Winslet narrates new film about deaths of Gazan children during last May’s conflict with Israel, “tells Jewish News she was not told it was a ‘pro-resistance’ project”, didn’t “fact-check” her script

Kate Winslet misled over Gaza conflict documentary
Richard Ferrer
May 11, 2022

Kate Winslet has clarified to Jewish News her involvement in a new film on the Israel-Palestinian conflict released this week, whose co-director is closely linked to Hamas. The Oscar-winning actress provides the voice-over for Eleven Days In May, co-directed by Michael Winterbottom and Gaza-based Mohammed Sawwaf, who accuses Israel of “colonialism” and “apartheid”…Its opening sequence features news footage reporting on “Jewish settlers trying to expel Palestinians from their homes”, “vigils aggressively broken up by Israeli security forces”, “the expulsion of (Arab) residents in East Jerusalem”, “heavy-handed tactics by Israel police” and “Israeli nationalists marching though Muslim quarters.” READ MORE

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“It is painfully clear to anyone paying attention how much of the mainstream media, social media, and those who wish to destroy Israel are using the death of Abu Akleh to attack Israel”

The Three D’s and the Killing of Shireen Abu Akleh
Micha Danzig
May 14, 2022

So much of what has happened with the death of Shireen Abu Akleh is emblematic of the entire Arab-Israeli conflict. If you have been hiding under a rock for the past few days, here is a summary of what happened to long-time Al Jazeera reporter Abu Akleh this past Wednesday. After 19 Israelis were murdered over the past 45 days, with many of the murderers coming from the terrorist (Islamic Jihad and Hamas) hotbed that is Jenin (a city under the ostensible day to day control of the Palestinian Authority, which under the Oslo Accords, is supposed to act against terrorist groups in place like Jenin … but doesn’t) the Israeli army had to go into Jenin, and go after wanted Islamist Supremacist terrorists who had already attacked Israelis and/or were planning more attacks. READ MORE

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“Starting Saturday, May 21, both Israeli and foreign travelers will no longer need to be tested for COVID-19 to enter the country, neither before boarding a flight nor after landing”

Israel to end mandatory masking aboard international flights on May 23
Alexander Fulbright
May 17, 2022

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz on Tuesday announced that face masks will no longer be required on international flights as of May 23, as the government moves to end Israel’s few remaining coronavirus restrictions. “We aren’t keeping unnecessary restrictions in place,” Horowitz tweeted. Under the new policy, starting next Monday masking will be only mandatory in medical centers and senior living facilities…According to Ynet news site report Monday, Horowitz and top Health Ministry officials in recent weeks have discussed dropping quarantine rules for Israelis who contact COVID. READ MORE

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“Family of deceased attacked hospital employees and destroyed medical equipment after the attempt to save the patient’s life failed”

‘I feared for my life’: Arabs riot in Jerusalem hospital after patient dies
Batya Jerenberg
May 17, 2022

Dozens of Arabs rioted at Hadassah-University Medical Center on Mt. Scopus Monday, beating staff and destroying hospital equipment after a family member died in the ICU. The patient had been rushed to the hospital in critical condition after a drug overdose; attempts to revive him failed. When medical staff informed the eastern Jerusalem family of his death, they stormed into the department, hitting the personnel and trashing the nurses’ station, including medical gear and computers. Two staff members were lightly hurt in the melee before security guards and police arrived and restored order. The wounded received treatment in the hospital’s emergency room. READ MORE

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“It had been reported last week that Mossad got Rasouli to admit that he was assigned to assassinate an Israeli diplomat in Turkey”

Israel’s Mossad says it stopped Iranian plot to assassinate US general
Emily Crane
May 12, 2022

Israel’s Mossad spy agency has claimed it recently thwarted an Iranian assassin’s plot to murder a US general stationed in Germany, an Israeli diplomat in Turkey and a journalist in France. Mossad agents said the man they apprehended late last month on Iranian soil is an alleged gang member with ties to Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Jerusalem Post reported Thursday. The suspect, Mansour Rasouli, 52, admitted during the April 30 interrogation that he’d been assigned to carry out the triple assassination, the outlet said. READ MORE

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“Many people’s opinions that Israel was guilty of killing Shireen abu Akleh were formed hours after the incident before there were any facts”

Killing of abu Akleh shows Israel will always be guilty to the world
Seth J. Frantzman
May 12, 2022

…While some say they want an international investigation because they don’t trust Israel’s authorities to carry out an investigation, others didn’t even wait for any investigation before accusing Israel and then demanding an end to “apartheid” or support for Israel. This narrative was already set in place before Abu Akleh was killed. She is then placed into the narrative. The narrative is like a train track and it has only one destination which is a desire to blame Israel and heap hatred on Israel, and then any example that fits this is put onto the track. The issue here is that Israel has no chance of ever being innocent. It doesn’t matter if there is an international investigation because the guilty verdict has already been handed down. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Palestinians refuse joint Israeli probe into reporter’s death; won’t transfer bullet The Palestinian Authority said on Thursday it had refused Israel’s request to conduct a joint investigation into the death of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.“Israel requested a joint investigation and the handing over of the bullet that assassinated the journalist Shireen, and we refused that…

ALGEMEINER Palestinians May Try to Damage Evidence Related to Reporter’s Death, Israeli Sources Warn Israeli officials told American and international counterparts that there is a suspicion that Palestinian authorities are trying to destroy or damage evidence related to the death of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, in order to make it impossible to determine who shot her, Yedioth Achronot reported on Thursday.

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“Anti-Zionism, from its earliest beginnings, was a reassertion of privilege. It was an attempt to force the Jews back into “their place,” which history had supposedly assigned them”

The Harvard Crimson’s hatred of Israel proves anti-Semitism is a privileged ideology
Benjamin Kerstein
May 8, 2022

What it reveals is simple: Anti-Semitism is a privileged ideology. This is perfectly obvious when one considers the very nature of the Crimson and of Harvard, because Harvard is not just privileged, it is privilege. It is the manifestation, mechanism and perpetuator of the American upper class—yes, America has one—and its graduates inevitably spill out across that aristocracy. Harvard’s student newspaper is no different, having produced legions of elite journalists and others who exercise profound influence over what Americans read, see and hear. Its current editorial board basks in that privilege, however vehemently they may claim otherwise. READ MORE

JTA Larry Summers and Alan Dershowitz join over 100 Harvard faculty and alumni in denouncing student paper’s Israel boycott endorsement In an open letter, more than 100 Harvard faculty members objected to the paper endorsing an academic and financial boycott of the state of Israel, including the school’s former president Larry Summers; prominent psychologist and author Steven Pinker; endowed law professor Gabriella Blum; former Harvard Medical School dean Jeffrey Flier; and emeritus law professor and longtime pro-Israel advocate Alan Dershowitz.

HARVARD CRIMSON Alan M. Dershowitz Letter to the Editor: Editorial Normalizes Growing Campus Anti-Semitism In one of the most ignorant, discriminatory, and deceptive editorials published by The Crimson, its editors call on “everyone” to promote the current form of antisemitism.

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Thousands more from around the world have arrived in Israel this year in the shadow of the coronavirus crisis, which has increased interest in aliyah

Largest number of olim in 2 decades have arrived this past year
May 1, 2022

Some 38,000 new immigrants have arrived in Israel since Independence Day 2021, including thousands of families and young olim who came to build their future, integrating into programs supported by the Jewish Agency and the Aliyah and Integration Ministry, the Jewish Agency reported Sunday. They will mark their first Independence Day as Israelis this week. That represents the highest number of olim in the past two decades and is due, in part, to the wave of immigrants who have arrived during the war in Ukraine, mostly in rescue operations conducted by the Jewish Agency in cooperation with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, the Jewish Agency said. READ MORE

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“Lufthansa says incident not consistent with its policies or values; videos shows airline supervisor saying all Jews barred from flight because a few hadn’t worn masks”

Lufthansa apologizes after report all visibly Jewish passengers barred from flight
May 10, 2022

Lufthansa issued on Tuesday an apology after Orthodox Jews complained that all visibly Jewish passengers were thrown off the flight because one group didn’t follow the German carrier’s masking rules. In a video from the incident, a Lufthansa supervisor could be heard saying “everyone has to pay for a couple” and that “it’s Jews coming from JFK. Jewish people who were the mess, who made the problems.” In a statement Tuesday, Lufthansa said that only the “non-compliant guests” should have been prevented from boarding and not the entire group. “Lufthansa regrets the circumstances surrounding the decision to exclude passengers from flight LH 1334 on May 4. Lufthansa sincerely apologizes,” it said. READ MORE

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