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“We hear a lot of the talk about how the deaths in Florida were ‘preventable’. What about the ones in Illinois?”

FEDERALIST Why Is Big Media Hiding That Illinois Has Far More COVID Cases Than Florida? Because Illinois Has A Democrat In Charge And Tighter Lockdowns by Jordan Davidson November 27, 2020 …Months after outlets such as CNN, NPR, the Washington … Continue reading

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“There is nothing “fair” about Governor Pritzker’s “fair tax amendment””

NATIONAL REVIEW A Progressive Tax Will Doom Illinois Small Businesses By John Tillman October 19, 2020 …While all taxpayers are at risk once Illinois state lawmakers can divide taxpayers without facing pushback from constituents, the insidious part is the progressive … Continue reading

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Illinois Democrats and Republicans agree: Madigan must go

MEDIUM A Call for New Leadership for the Democratic Party of Illinois ILDem Leaders for New Leadership August 11, 2020 We come from across Illinois; from Bloomington to Rockford and from Carbondale to Chicago. We are or were elected officials, … Continue reading

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“President Trump and Senator McConnell may be tempted to tell the Democratic states, like Illinois, to get lost. Mr. Stoll offers an alternative approach — using the sudden federal financial leverage “to demand policy reforms that would diminish the long-term structural dysfunctionality” of the mendicant states”

NEW YORK SUN State Bailouts: ‘Beyond Galling,’ ‘Shameless,’ Too Editorial Board April 20, 2020 The drama of profligate states using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to seek federal bailouts to paper over long-term mismanagement has finally found a Pavarotti … Continue reading

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“Decades of incompetent budgeting and enormous but unfunded promises shove Illinois into insolvency, unable to pay bills as they come due”

CHICAGO TRIBUNE Repeating: Democrats, it’s time for Madigan to go. Editorial Board January 17, 2020 …Parents watch in chagrin as young people by the tens of thousands join an Illinois Exodus and build their futures elsewhere. Tax gouges relentlessly expand, … Continue reading

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“Connecting the dots between high taxes, unsustainable pension costs and slow economic growth is a practice many elected officials in Chicago and Illinois would rather we shut up about”

CHICAGO TRIBUNE No, we won’t shut up about the Illinois Exodus. Latest downside: Chicago’s top real estate investors are shopping elsewhere Editorial Board January 2, 2020 Several recent Chicago Tribune stories on tax hikes and population losses may have caught … Continue reading

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The price of one-party rule: “Illinois politicians continue to categorically reject new laws that structurally change how this state works. Gov. J.B. Pritzker refuses to even consider an amendment to the pension protection clause”

WIREPOINTS 250 new laws will greet Illinoisans January 1, but none slow the state’s steep decline by Ted Dabrowski December 26, 2019 Do a quick scan of the 255 new laws taking effect in Illinois on January 1 and it … Continue reading

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The Illinois financial crisis: “Outside of unfunded state employee pension obligations, no other challenge facing legislators poses a greater threat to the state’s long-term prosperity”

CRAINS The other financial storm threatening to capsize Illinois’ economy by Joe Cahill December 10, 2019 We’ll soon find out if Illinois lawmakers are serious about easing the state’s unsustainable property tax burden. As you may know, Illinois has the … Continue reading

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“Chicagoans are about to learn how their mayor wants to meet the high costs of school district and City Hall spending”

CHICAGO TRIBUNE Who will bear the burden of CTU’s generous new contract? Take a guess. Editorial Board November 18, 2019 Tapped-out Chicago taxpayers will not be surprised to learn there is no secret stash of money in the basement at … Continue reading

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Meanwhile in Illinois: “As the value of their homes decline, and as property taxes keep increasing, devouring the equity in their homes, serfs (i.e. Illinois taxpayers) pay and pay for these public worker contracts”

CHICAGO TRIBUNE The Chicago teachers strike and property taxpayers and the road to serfdom by John Kass October 18, 2019 …And just who are the serfs in Illinois? The property taxpayers, who are the serfs of the new Democratic machine. … Continue reading

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