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How the NY Times–America’s “paper of record”–whitewashes Jew hatred by its silence

FRONT PAGE MAG The New York Times: Enabler of Genocidal Anti-Semitism by Kenneth Levin May 31, 2019 …On the Holocaust and its prelude in Germany, the statement declares: “In the 1930s and 1940s The Times was largely silent as anti-Semitism … Continue reading

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It would be far better if The New York Times waited until the plan was released and then commented on its specific provisions rather than stacking the deck against it by quoting only its most strident critics

GATESTONE Why is The New York Times Trying to Abort the Trump Peace Plan? by Alan M. Dershowitz May 24, 2019 …Every single expert quoted in the article predicted that it would not succeed. Many of these experts have been … Continue reading

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Jewish NY Times columnist Bret Stephens calls out his paper: “The Times wasn’t explaining anti-Semitism. It was purveying it”

NEW YORK TIMES A Despicable Cartoon in The Times by Bret Stephens April 28, 2019 …For some Times readers — or, as often, former readers — the answer is clear: The Times has a longstanding Jewish problem, dating back to … Continue reading

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Julius Streicher would be proud: New York Times channels Der Stürmer with antisemitic Netanyahu cartoon

TIMES OF ISRAEL ADL head calls NY Times cartoon ‘vile anti-Semitic propaganda’ by Eric Cortellessa April 27, 2019 Anti-Defamation League chief Jonathan Greenblatt excoriated The New York Times over the weekend for publishing a cartoon that depicted anti-Semitic tropes. “I … Continue reading

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NYT “Apology” OpEd: “After Trump’s vindication, the liberal media and its allies in government should face a reckoning. I’m not holding my breath”

NEW YORK TIMES Barr Is Right About Everything. Admit You Were Wrong by Christopher Buskirk April 18, 2019 …And yet nearly the entire complex of elite media was actively complicit in promoting the biggest political conspiracy theory in American history: … Continue reading

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“A giant billboard was unveiled this week outside the offices of The New York Times that accuses the paper, its editors and staff of fomenting anti-Israel sentiment through its news coverage”

JNS Massive billboard outside ‘New York Times’ office accuses paper of anti-Israel incitement April 2, 2019 …At the center of the billboard is an evocative image of a Molotov cocktail whose wick is lit by a flaming New York Times … Continue reading

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CAMERA: New York Times actually thought Palestinian Authority payments to families of terrorists was a “figment of right wing imagination”

COMMENTARY The ‘Times’ and Israel: A Review of 2018 by Gilead Ini February 2019 …In 2018, the newspaper demonstrated time and again that it was unwilling to offer frank coverage of news that highlighted the Palestinian role in exacerbating the … Continue reading

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