The depiction of a teacher who was fired by a synagogue for flaunting her anti-Zionism as a martyr to free speech illustrates the mainstreaming of hatred for Israel.

Jewish institutions shouldn’t be hiring anti-Semites
by Jonathan Tobin
February 9, 2022

As far as Jessie Sander is concerned, she’s being persecuted for her “political beliefs.” She was hired by the Westchester (New York) Reform Temple last July but was fired 15 days later after the synagogue leadership was made aware of a blog post she co-authored a few months earlier when the Hamas terrorist group was raining down hundreds of rockets and missiles on Israeli towns and cities. Titled “israel [sic] Won’t Save Us: Moving Toward Liberation,” it contained a litany of lies and libels directed at the Jewish state, whose name the bloggers refused to capitalize.It spoke of the duty of “white American Jews” to support Palestinian liberation and rejected the right of the 7 million Jews of Israel to self-determination in their ancient homeland as “racism.” READ MORE

ALGEMEINER A Jewish Teacher Who Opposed Israel’s Existence Was Fired. A New York Times Headline Inaccurately Described It A New York Times headline claiming a synagogue fired a teacher who “criticized Israel” is being faulted for inaccurately describing the issue in the case. The two-sentence New York Times headline said: “A Jewish Teacher Criticized Israel. She Was Fired.”

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