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Paul Vallas polls ahead in upcoming Chicago mayoral primary

JOHN KASS NEWS The Gloves Are Off In The Chicago Mayor’s Race Steve Huntley January 22, 2023 …According to a poll released the same day that the Tribune broke the story about the Madigan phone conversation, Garcia has already lost … Continue reading

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“The attacks on pro-Israel Professor Hill were launched even though leftist thinking dictates he should enjoy triple-protected status because he checks three boxes on the all-important intersectional checklist: he’s black, gay, and an immigrant”

Jason hill Continue reading

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In Chicago, medical debt is being erased in accordance with the Jewish law of “Shmita” – the sabbatical year

JTA An interfaith coalition erased medical debts for over 2,000 people in the Chicago area, inspired by an ancient Jewish custom Jackie Hajdenberg and Gabe Friedman May 26, 2022 More than half of bankruptcies in the United States are connected to … Continue reading

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Chicago’s first large-scale active shooter drill involving police and fire departments intended to address shul-specific attacks and incidents

JNS CCL shul members and Kehilat Chovevei Tzion take part in public safety training exercise May 17, 2022 Concerned Citizens League Shul Members (CCLSM) staged a large-scale active shooter simulation at Kehilat Chovevei Tzion in Skokie recently, with the direction … Continue reading

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“We would be wholly justified in adding Morningstar to state’s list of prohibited investments” said Andrew Lappin, chair of the board’s Illinois Committee on Israel Boycott Restrictions”

JTA Is finance giant Morningstar boycotting Israel? A new BDS battlefront emerges in investing world by Asaf Shalev February 8, 2022 After brushing aside allegations of anti-Israel bias for nearly a year, a multibillion-dollar investment research firm has done an … Continue reading

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Chicago has seen many anti-Semitic crimes these past two months

LEGAL INSURRECTION Chicago PD Searching for Man Who Yelled ‘All of You Should be Killed’ at Jewish Students by Mary Chastain February 7, 2022 The Chicago Police Department is searching for a man who allegedly yelled “all of you should … Continue reading

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Opening Jan. 27 at the Illinois Holocaust Museum in Chicago, ‘The Journey Back’ puts participants in the narrators’ shoes as they hear their tales of suffering and survival

TIMES OF ISRAEL Holocaust survivors help viewers experience the camps firsthand, via virtual reality by Cathryn J. Prince January 27, 2022 Every morning inside the barracks, 599 women each tore a crumb from their small bread rations and gave it … Continue reading

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Progressive litmus test rattles elite Chicago school admissions

CHICAGO CONTRARIAN Chicago’s Latin School Screens Jewish Families for Wokeness by Michael J. Bernard December 21, 2021 The Latin School of Chicago is earning a reputation among the Windy City’s Jewish community of screening parents for wokeness, according to multiple … Continue reading

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“Black Fragility” is a thing at UIC-John Marshall Law School

WASHINGTON POST The malicious, historically illiterate 1619 Project keeps rolling on by George Will December 24, 2021 The New York Times is like God, who, if Genesis reported Creation correctly, beheld His handiwork and decided “it was very good.” The … Continue reading

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“Chicago was one of the many cities that saw a surge in homicides in the past year, and University of Chicago was not immune from that violence”

WASHINGTON EXAMINER Students at University of Chicago discover the folly of abolishing the police by Zachary Faria November 18, 2021 It isn’t just Democrat-run cities that have learned how ridiculous their embrace of “defund the police” has been. Now, students … Continue reading

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