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#Chicago Alderman Burke’s remarks “smack of blatant anti-semitism and are both ignorant and repugnant”

CHICAGO SUN TIMES Feds say Burke made a ‘distasteful’ comment about Jewish people as authorities investigated him by Jon Seidel April 21, 2021 In the midst of an alleged scheme at the heart of his racketeering indictment, Ald. Edward M. … Continue reading

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Chicago’s teachers’ union’s outsize power “comes at the expense of students, parents, and taxpayers”

CITY JOURNAL Chicago’s Big Education, Inc. by Adam Andrzejewski February 17, 2021 On Super Bowl Sunday, the Chicago Teachers Union announced its intention to return to the classroom. Finally, Chicago’s 347,476 public school students can receive the same in-person instruction … Continue reading

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“CAIR isn’t the only unindicted co-conspirator Illinois politicians will join at the banquet”

INVESTIGATIVE PROJECT ON TERRORISM Illinois Democrats Line Up to Help CAIR Fundraise by Steven Emerson January 4, 2021 In yet another example of political expediency overcoming better judgment, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot … Continue reading

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Calling people who want to reopen schools racist and sexist is a terrible way to debate important policy questions

DISCOURSE MAGAZINE A Teachers Union Needs a New Lesson Plan by Professor Charles Lipson December 8, 2020 …The teachers union doesn’t just say the other side is wrong; they say the other side is evil, driven by evil motives. Mind … Continue reading

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Traditional Jewish delis are about as rare in Chicago as giant slices of New York-style pizza

EYEWITNESS NEWS 7 CHICAGO Hungry Hound:Jeff & Jude’s brings pick-up Jewish deli to Chicago’s Northwest Side by Steve Dolinsky October 2, 2020 …It’s only open a few hours on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. But the few items on offer are … Continue reading

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Chicago residents in affluent neighborhoods downtown, and on the North Side, “no longer feel safe in the city’s epicenter and are looking to move away”

CHICAGO TRIBUNE ‘I’ve never had to think about my own safety in this way before’: Shaken by summer looting in affluent neighborhoods, some Chicagoans are moving away. by Christen A. Johnson August 26, 2020 They understand why protesters and rioters … Continue reading

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Chicago’s leaders have surrendered to vandals

CITY JOURNAL When Authority Vanishes by John O. McGinnis August 14, 2020 Riding in trucks and U-Hauls, vandals came to downtown Chicago on Sunday. They jammed streets around the Magnificent Mile, home of the city’s most important shopping district. They … Continue reading

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“Nothing says, “We protest racial injustice” like burning down the corner grocery or smashing windows to grab boxes of expensive Nikes”

REAL CLEAR POLITICS The Fiasco of ‘Go Ahead, Break Our Windows’ Policing by Charles Lipson August 13, 2020 After looters struck downtown Chicago on Sunday night, officials literally raised the bridges to prevent rioting hordes from roaming so easily. They … Continue reading

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“These days, Axelrod is taking his nostalgia for Manny’s public, trying to drum up support and customers for an institution hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic”

FORWARD David Axelrod wants to save Manny’s Deli by Rebecca Gold August 6, 2020 …Across the country, more than 12,000 restaurants have permanently closed due to mounting costs, lack of revenue, and an uncertain future that has frightened off investors. … Continue reading

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Can someone criticize George Soros without being a Jew-hater?

BREITBART John Kass Defies Chicago Tribune Cancel Culture: ‘I Will Not Apologize for Writing About Soros’ by Joel B. Pollak July 29, 2020 Columnist John Kass has defied “cancel culture” at the Chicago Tribune after members of the journalists’ union … Continue reading

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