“All kidding aside, if you happen to live in North Chicago’s West Ridge or Rogers Park – please walk to shul in groups on 2/25”

Police, security agencies advise Jews to be on alert ahead of planned ‘National Day of Hate’ on Shabbat
Andrew Lapin
February 23, 2023

The police bulletins have circulated among Jews on social media, in WhatsApp chats and via email: A white supremacist group is calling for a “National Day of Hate” this Saturday and encouraging antisemites to vandalize and deface Jewish institutions. Information about the antisemitic campaign was first provided by the Chicago Police Department, and a “situational awareness alert” with NYPD insignia circulating online advises local Jewish communities to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. Law enforcement and security agencies in the Chicago and New York City areas, however, say that as of Thursday afternoon, there are no known concrete threats to Jewish institutions. READ MORE

JEWISH PRESS Chicago PD Warns Jews about ‘Day of Hate’ this Shabbat On Monday night this week, two Chicago media outlets reported that the CPD’s 24th District, which includes West Ridge and Rogers Park, the two largest Jewish neighborhoods in Chicago, has sent out a warning to residents to be “situationally aware” of an extremist group’s planned antisemitic “day of hate” on February 25.

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