“Jewish people who show interest in firearms are ostracized, and I would like to change that”

Gun clubs mobilize against rising antisemitism, reported Iranian plot against Jews
Bradley Martin
February 23, 2023

…Antisemitism has for more than two years now been on the rise both stateside and globally. So what are Jews who want, and at times need, to protect themselves and their family to do? One answer has come in the form of individual self-protection. Jewish owners of gun clubs encourage fellow tribe members to learn their way around a weapon and arm themselves…“Jewish people need to be vigilant, whether it is against a jihadist or a lunatic hopped up on drugs,” he said. “This underscores the need for every congregation to have a trained professional. Whether it is just for a hobby or self-defense, what we try to do is promote responsible and legal gun ownership among the Jewish people.” READ MORE

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