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#UnitedNations the “obstacle on the road to peace”

COMMENTARY UNIFIL Deters EU from Banning Hezbollah by Evelyn Gordon December 13, 2018 It’s no secret that UNIFIL, the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon, has never done the job it’s supposedly there to do. But this week, we learned that … Continue reading

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#UKMediaWatch: #Christmas is NOT under siege in #Bethlehem

UK MEDIA WATCH Telegraph’s ‘occupation ruining Christmas in Bethlehem’ narrative hits a snag by Adam Levick December 13, 2018 Most years around this time, the British media resurrects some variation of the desired Palestinian narrative on the Israeli occupation’s putative role ruining Christmas in Bethlehem, and this year is no different, with … Continue reading

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Celebrated historian Natalie Portman opines on Israel’s Nation State Law

AL JAZEERA Natalie Portman slams Israel’s ‘racist’ nation-state law December 14, 2018 Actress Natalie Portman has labelled Israel’s Nation-state law as “racist” in an interview she gave to Arabic newspaper Al Quds Al- Arabi. “The Nation-State law is racist,” the Israeli-American actress said in … Continue reading

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How to solve the pension crisis in Illinois

DISPATCH-ARGUS A legal answer to state pension crisis? by Scott Reeder November 29, 2018 …A new legal theory is being pondered by outgoing state Rep. Jeanne Ives, R-Wheaton, that she contends would get the state out from under the pension … Continue reading

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NYT’s Michelle Goldberg: As a Jew, it’s totally fine to attack Israel’s “ethno-nationalism”

JNS Anti-Semites and their Jewish apologists by Jonathan S. Tobin December 7, 2018 …The most prominent example of this trend is New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg. In her latest column, she makes a straightforward argument for the proposition that support for the … Continue reading

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“US bid for first ever UNGA vote against Hamas was doomed after states decided it would need a two-thirds majority.” Switzerland, Norway and New Zealand helped kill resolution.

NATIONAL REVIEW The U.N. Gives Palestinian Terrorists a Free Pass by David May December 7, 2018 On Thursday the United Nations had an opportunity to speak with moral clarity and denounce the terrorist group Hamas. Instead, the General Assembly (UNGA) … Continue reading

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Famed architect Philip Johnson was “the kind of Hitler fan who had read Mein Kampf in the original German”

TABLET MAG Philip Johnson Was Very Nazi by Armin Rosen December 5, 2018 Just how much of a Nazi was the most important American architect of the 20th century? Per Mark Lamster’s new The Man in the Glass House: Philip Johnson, … Continue reading

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