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Kristallnacht 80 years later: “Amid the worst pogrom to take place in Germany since the Middle Ages, most US Jewish communal leaders told their constituents to keep quiet”

TIMES OF ISRAEL How to explain the ‘timid’ reaction of American Jewish leaders to Kristallnacht? by Matt Lebovic November 10, 2018 …Most notably, the influential General Jewish Council insisted on maintaining radio silence following Kristallnacht. Comprised of leaders from the … Continue reading

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“Why Germany seeks to increase trade with a murderous theocracy bent on Israel’s destruction”

TABLET MAG Angela Merkel’s Ugly Romance With the Iranian Regime by Benjamin Weinthal September 25, 2018 …The moral and economic danger represented by Merkel’s emergence as Iran’s major champion in Europe has been a kind of secret that dare not … Continue reading

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#UNC #Chapel Hill textbook: #Jews who perished in the #Holocaust didn’t “tap into the strength that comes from recognizing their intrinsic worth”

DAILY WIRE Victim-Blaming At University of North Carolina by Paul Miller August 22, 2018 Is a seven-year-old child to blame for having cancer? What life choices can a first-grader make that would result in a malignant tumor on his right … Continue reading

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“Proof that truth is stranger than fiction, author Marguerite Duras’s details of Nazi-occupied Paris must be seen to be believed in this autobiographical film, out in the US Friday”

TIMES OF ISRAEL In its search for a taken husband, ‘Memoir of War’ is haunting punch in the gut by Jordan Hoffman August 17, 2018 The impact of Nazism on ordinary citizens remains a fascinating and heartbreaking subject, and films … Continue reading

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Holocaust scholars challenge USHMM’s take on FDR and the Jews

YATED NE’EMAN Why FDR Abandoned The Jews by Debbie Maimon Aug 1, 2018 The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, in Washington, DC recently opened a controversial new exhibit, “Americans and the Holocaust,” that claims President Franklin D. Roosevelt tried his best to … Continue reading

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Claude Lanzmann, “Shoah” filmmaker “died Thursday at 92, railed against the ‘Polish lobby’ undercutting his groundbreaking Holocaust work that tarnished the narrative of Polish victimhood”

TIMES OF ISRAEL Long before Israel, Claude Lanzmann stirred Poland’s wrath by Marissa Newman July 5, 2018 Claude Lanzmann was mostly amused by the “truckloads of calumny” unloaded across the front pages of the livid Polish press after the 1985 … Continue reading

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“Critics say the joint Polish-Israeli agreement downplays the role of many Poles who willingly cooperated with the Nazis”

ARUTZ SHEVA Bennett: Joint statement with Poland a disgrace by Shlomo Pyutrikovsky July 7, 2018 Education Minister Naftali Bennett on Thursday referred to the joint statement by the prime minister and Polish prime minister about the Polish role the Holocaust…Bennett noted, “The … Continue reading

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