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Norway’s Jew- and Israel-obsession harkens back to WW2 Prime Minister Quisling who helped the Nazis murder Norwegian Jews

NEWSMAX Why Did Nearly 40 Percent of Norwegians Compare Israelis to Nazis? by Abraham Cooper and Manfred Gerstenfeld August 29, 2018 Not long ago, a poll taken in Norway showed that 38 percent of Norwegians actually believe Israel treats the Palestinians like … Continue reading

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USHMM: “Mr. Palij’s deportation was an important moment in ensuring that the murders of millions of Jews would not fade from popular memory”

NEW YORK TIMES How the Nazis Got to New York: Immigration Fraud by Ali Winston August 23, 2018 The 95-year-old Nazi who was deported this week after living quietly in Queens for decades was not the only member of his squad to … Continue reading

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Would Poland arrest me for posting this story?

JERUSALEM POST 1946 U.S. document reveals Poles treated Jews as badly as Germans did by Tamara Zieve March 1, 2018 A declassified US State Department report from 1946 documented the abhorrent treatment of Poland’s Jews before, during and after World … Continue reading

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Rick Richman: ‘Racing Against History: The 1940 Campaign for a Jewish Army to Fight Hitler’

FREE BEACON A Failed Attempt by David Isaac December 24, 2017 Why wasn’t there a Jewish army in World War II to fight the Nazis? No group had more motivation to do so. Well, it’s not that they didn’t want … Continue reading

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The 5′-6″ orphaned Wisconsin Jew who took on the Nazis

NEW YORK TIMES Irv Refkin, Brash Accidental Spy in World War II, Dies at 96 by Sam Roberts November 7, 2017 Irv Refkin, an impromptu but daring spy who served the United States and Britain as a saboteur, assassin and … Continue reading

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Nazi Concentration Camps on British Soil

AISH Jewish slave laborers were worked to death in Alderney, a small Channel Island by Dr. Yvette Alt Miller October 21, 2017 The very idea that Britain, which fought against Nazi Germany and its allies throughout World War II, was … Continue reading

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“A piece of American history that sounds like an action movie — numerous Nazi plans to murder prominent movie stars, including Charlie Chaplin, foiled by a Jewish spy ring”

TIMES OF ISRAEL When Hitler sent his minions to LA: The true-life Nazi plot against Hollywood by Rich Tenorio October 10, 2017 It reads like a scene from a nightmare Hollywood script: Nazis in Los Angeles plan to kill some … Continue reading

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