Twenty years, $2 trillion, and the most powerful army in the world were no match for the one thing the Taliban has—and that current American leadership has lost

Assabiya Wins Every Time
by Lee Smith
August 18, 2021

Democrats and Republicans are right to blame each other for the fall of Kabul. It’s a loss for America’s bipartisan foreign policy establishment as a whole. For nearly two decades Washington sent thousands of Americans to their deaths and spent trillions of taxpayer dollars to wage a strategically pointless war. And because both sides of the political divide should be held accountable, military as well as civilian officials, too, it is unlikely that anyone ever will be. Since everyone is to blame, holding anyone accountable implicates everyone. READ MORE

THE HILL Taliban commander rules out democracy in Afghanistan: ‘It is Sharia law and that is it’ A Taliban commander said Thursday that Afghanistan will not become a democracy and will be strictly run under Sharia law.

KUSI NEWS Lara Logan analyzes collapse of Afghanistan, calls Biden’s exit ‘laughable’ Logan explained, “we don’t call it diplomacy when you’re dealing with a terrorist organization”…”We’re not talking about the fact that on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we’re putting the people responsible for that attack in power in Afghanistan. We’re about to legitimize them, as the US government, and we’re going to give them aid, which comes from US taxpayers.”

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