Some state attorneys general are looking to punish Unilever, which owns Ben & Jerry’s, for the chain’s decision not to sell ice cream in the West Bank and Gaza

Cold shoulder: NJ ad blitz slams Ben & Jerry’s Israel boycott
By Carl Campanile
November 21, 2021

A pro-Israel group is launching a $500,000 ad campaign to put the squeeze on Ben & Jerry’s parent company over the ice-cream maker’s refusal to peddle its products in Israeli-controlled Palestinian territories. The organization StandWithUS is posting billboards in North Jersey, including near Unilever’s Englewood Cliffs headquarters there, that say, “Don’t Let Ben & Jerry’s Melt Your Profits,” and “Don’t Let Antisemitism Melt Your Brand.” Unilever is Ben & Jerry’s parent company, but the ice-cream manufacturer is run by an independent board…The billboards include the Web site “” at the bottom.  READ MORE

Click here to send an email to corporate executives at Unilever and Ben & Jerry’s. Tell them to stop their corporate antisemitism !

Click here to download a flyer to hand to the manager of your local grocery store. Ask them to stop promoting corporate antisemitism.

BLOOMBERG Israel’s Ice Cream Battle Heats Up Since Ben & Jerry’s announced in July that it would no longer sell its ice cream in Gaza and the West Bank, its British owner, Unilever PLC, has sought to do damage control. Now Unilever faces an unlikely player in international statecraft: U.S. state attorneys general.

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