Hamas political official Sami Abu Zuhri said Britain’s move showed “absolute bias toward the Israeli occupation and is a submission to Israeli blackmail and dictations”

Britain outlaws Palestinian militant group Hamas -interior minister
by Stephen Farrell and Alistair Smout
November 19, 2021

Britain’s interior minister Priti Patel on Friday said she had banned the Palestinian militant group Hamas in a move that brings the UK’s stance on Gaza’s rulers in line with the United States and the European Union. “Hamas has significant terrorist capability, including access to extensive and sophisticated weaponry, as well as terrorist training facilities,” Patel said in a statement. “That is why today I have acted to proscribe Hamas in its entirety.” The organisation would be banned under the Terrorism Act and anyone expressing support for Hamas, flying its flag or arranging meetings for the organisation would be in breach of the law, the interior ministry confirmed. READ MORE

JPOST Australia designates entirety of Hezbollah a terrorist organization Australia has declared the entirety of Hezbollah a terrorist organization, Australian Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews announced Wednesday…Also designated a terrorist movement was the white supremacist neo-Nazi organization The Base.

ALGEMEINER EU’s Highest Court Upholds Hamas’ Place on Terrorism List, Overturning Earlier Ruling The European Union’s highest court has maintained the Palestinian Islamist organization Hamas on the bloc’s list of proscribed terrorist groups, reversing an earlier ruling by a lower court that had annulled the listing for procedural reasons.

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