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“The American Jewish establishment needs Trump to be an anti-Semite to justify its continued support for the Democratic Party”

JNS Why American Jews slander President Trump by Caroline Glick December 15, 2019 …And while it is true that to date, white supremacist anti-Semitism has been the most lethal form of anti-Semitism in America, from a political and social perspective … Continue reading

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“There is little evidence to suggest that the great majority of either African Americans or Jews is prepared to reassess its longstanding blind loyalty to the Democrat Party””

FRONT PAGE MAG Jews, African Americans and the Democrat Party by Kenneth Levin October 11, 2019 In democracies, minority groups will often embrace one political party and cling to that attachment irrespective of changing political circumstances. This seems especially true … Continue reading

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“Given Linda Sarsour’s record, her claim that she supports Bernie Sanders because of rising anti-Semitism in America is irony thick enough to cut with a chainsaw”

FEDERALIST Warren Mimics Bernie’s Promotion Of Anti-Semite Linda Sarsour To Campaign Surrogate by Warren Henry September 11, 2019 Personnel is policy, or so the saying goes. So it is troubling that the two leading left-wing presidential candidates—Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth … Continue reading

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“Just because Trump said it doesn’t mean it’s not true: The Democratic Party is becoming unsalvageable”

TABLET MAG Ignore it at your peril by Liel Leibovitz August 22, 2019 …Shortly after Trump was elected, the left moved into resistance mode. The feelings here were entirely understandable—I myself found Trump’s election deeply worrisome. But, very quickly, the energy … Continue reading

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Pollak: “I don’t agree that Jews who vote Democratic are ignorant or disloyal. Some have been conned by the same media who will try to convince them Trump said something antisemitic today”

BREITBART Trump Just Told Liberal Jews What They’ve Been Telling Conservative Jews for Years About Disloyalty by Joel B. Pollak August 21, 2019 …So when President Trump criticized Omar and Tlaib for their hostility toward Israel, and asked how Democrats … Continue reading

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And this, from a Joe Biden supporter: “Liberals repelled by both a blatant idiot and a bankrupting socialist could simply stay home”

SPECTATOR USA Where is the Democrat who can take on Trump? by Lionel Shriver July 3, 2019 I have plenty of shamefaced company in having rashly predicted, as pundits are warned never to do, that Donald Trump wouldn’t win the … Continue reading

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Not one of the candidates asked a simple question: How much is all of that going to cost?

SPECTATOR US The Democrats’ Catch-22 in the primaries by Charles Lipson June 28, 2019 The debates over two nights showed a party that has changed significantly since Hillary Clinton won the nomination in 2016. Back then, Bernie Sanders’s socialist positions … Continue reading

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