There is a glaring problem with Joe Biden’s choice of Deborah Lipstadt: A president who has himself trivialized the Nazi regime to make a partisan political smear appoints as his anti-Semitism envoy the person who defended him in making the repugnant comment.

Deborah Lipstadt Should be Voted Down
by Jackson Richman
August 3, 2021

…Donald Trump lied inexcusably. But that lying was nothing remotely close to stirring up anti-Jewish animus and an eventual genocide. Such a comparison disrespects the memory of the Holocaust and those who perished and survived, including my grandparents. In December, ahead of the Georgia Senate runoffs, Lipstadt gave a pass to Democrat Raphael Warnock for his history of antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment and activity. Yet, Lipstadt criticized incumbent Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler for her friendship with the far-right, now-Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. READ MORE

JNS Melanie Phillips: Envoy will first need to root out anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party Such jarring double standards and partisan judgments have provoked concern that despite her acknowledgment that “some people on the progressive left” indulge “the anti-Semitism of others,” Lipstadt is afflicted by the myopia through which anti-Semitism is viewed as overwhelmingly associated with Nazi supporters and white supremacists.

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