“Under a nuclear umbrella, Khamenei might feel tempted to first force Israel to commit national suicide through a demographically stacked referendum. Khamenei’s website has even eerily termed this “the final solution””

When Iran Says ‘Death to Israel,’ It Means It
Behnam Ben Taleblu
July 15, 2022

…Always intended for export, Iran’s Islamic revolution was and remains aided through Tehran’s skillful creation, co-option, and control of terror and proxy groups abroad. What in the 1980s appeared as an array of actors has now matured into a full-fledged alliance system benefiting from Iranian financial, political, and military support. This axis has its own vision of regional order wherein Israel does not exist, rival Muslim powers are cowed, and the American presence is routed or marginalized into irrelevance. While the axis threatens maritime navigation, launches projectiles at civilian centers, and baits and bleeds adversaries, the chief strategic dividends it offers Tehran are insulation from blowback and the masking of Iranian involvement so as  to ensure that the regime can live to fight another day. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Top Iranian official: We have technical capabilities to manufacture nuclear bomb Khamenei aide Kamal Kharazi says country ‘has no decision to do so’; he claims Israel is weak, warns any attack on Iran will lead to reprisal against Jewish state

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