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“Affirming Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state would render a definitive and unparalleled ideological body blow to political Islam”

DAILY CALLER Tillerson Needs To Put On His Big Boy Pants And Lead Embassy Move To Jerusalem by Andrew Lappin May 18, 2017 …Political Islam’s most historically offensive fabrication is its continued effort to historically eradicate the 3,300-year-old connection between … Continue reading

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US efforts to respond to Holocaust “pushed back by anti-semites in the US State Department”

THE INDEPENDENT Allied forces knew about Holocaust two years before discovery of concentration camps, secret documents reveal by Andrew Buncombe April 18, 2017 The Allied Powers were aware of the scale of the Jewish Holocaust two-and-a-half years earlier than is generally … Continue reading

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“Contrary to longstanding State Department apprehension about an embassy relocation, doing so at this time would quench our allies’ thirst for an American re-commitment to leading in the Middle East”

DAILY CALLER American Re-Commitment: Why The Time Is Ripe For A Jerusalem Embassy by Andrew Lappin March 31, 2017 …Today, Israel and the Arab regimes that remain standing have been herded together in a loosely confederated cooperative against radical Islam. … Continue reading

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On hold for now: Draft order on #UN funding called for “at least a 40 percent overall decrease” in contributions by US

NEW YORK TIMES Trump Administration Holds Off on Issuing U.N. Funding Order by Max Fisher January 28, 2017 The Trump administration is delaying its plans to issue two executive orders that would reduce funding to the United Nations and begin … Continue reading

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US State Department to Ramallah: Funds are delayed

TIMES OF ISRAEL Palestinians say Obama’s last-minute $221 million payout frozen by Trump by Avi Issacharoff and AP January 25, 2017 The Trump administration has informed the Palestinian Authority that it is freezing the transfer of $221 million which was … Continue reading

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“The irony is that pretty much any taxi driver in Tel Aviv understands the Israeli-Palestinian situation far better than the self-crowned experts at Foggy Bottom, present or past”

JNS Jewish ex-State Department gang undermines embassy move by Stephen M. Flatow January 25, 2017 Someday, perhaps, a team of sociologists and psychologists will examine the curious question of why Jewish ex-State Department officials are obsessed with Israel. Until that … Continue reading

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State Department Arabists “have been more systematically wrong than any other area of specialists in the diplomatic corps. This is because Arabists not only take on the cause of the Arabs, but also the Arabs’ tendency for self-delusion”

THE HILL Failed diplomat Kurtzer attacks America’s newest ambassador to Israel by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach December 20, 2016 A predictable pattern has emerged over the last several decades of U.S. Middle East policy. The State Department will urge the president … Continue reading

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