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Rafah Egypt-Gaza border crossing “track record conclusively disproves the widespread fallacy that Hamas is primarily concerned with the Palestinian cause rather than the cause of global jihad”

COMMENTARY Gaza’s Latest Lesson in Self-Inflicted Misery by Evelyn Gordon November 29, 2017 Observing developments since Hamas and Fatah signed their latest reconciliation deal in October is an object lesson in just how much of the Palestinians’ misery is self-inflicted–or … Continue reading

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Lesson #1 on Gaza: “The belief that poverty leads to terrorism is an unsubstantiated liberal myth”

MIDDLE EAST FORUM A Marshall Plan for Gaza Is a Bad Idea by Efraim Inbar November 15, 2017 Voices inside and outside the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are advocating for a “Marshall Plan” – a massive international mobilization – for … Continue reading

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“Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh threatened a violent retaliation to Israel’s destruction of the tunnel, but suggested the response would be delayed as Palestinian factions work toward reconciliation”

TIMES OF ISRAEL Exploded tunnel was dug for soldier abductions, Gaza terror leader says by Dov Lieber October 31, 2017 Senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Khaled al-Batsh said Tuesday that the attack tunnel stretching from Gaza into Israeli territory that was … Continue reading

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“The notion that Hamas would ever dismantle its security apparatus and deliver the Gaza Strip to Mahmoud Abbas’s forces is a fantasy”

GATESTONE Militias vs. Palestinian “Reconciliation” by Khaled Abu Toameh October 27, 2017 Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas says he does not want to see “militias” in the Gaza Strip if and when the “reconciliation” agreement he reached with Hamas … Continue reading

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“One has to give Hamas credit for being clear, honest and consistent about its goal of destroying Israel”

GATESTONE What is Really Uniting the Palestinians? by Bassam Tawil October 15, 2017 Buoyed by the “reconciliation” agreement reached with President Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority (PA), Hamas has announced that it seeks to unite all Palestinians in the fight against … Continue reading

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“Sunday’s surprise announcement that Hamas had dissolved its administrative committee in Gaza and agreed to reconciliation is unlikely to defy the precedent”

THE ATLANTIC The Doomed Palestinian Reconciliation Plan by Grant Rumley September 17, 2017 Of the demands Palestinians often make of their leaders, reconciliation between their two largest political factions perennially tops the list. Fatah, which controls the Palestinian Authority (PA) … Continue reading

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Palestinian authorities in West Bank and Gaza Strip “using police state tactics to silence critical media and arbitrarily block people’s access to information”

GATESTONE Palestinians: Taking Journalists Hostage by Khaled Abu Toameh August 23, 2017 Palestinian journalists have once again fallen victim to the continuing power struggle between the Palestinian Authority (PA), which has jurisdiction over parts of the West Bank, and Hamas, … Continue reading

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