“Pro-Israel Democratic members introduce Iron Dome funding in a standalone bill on Thursday”

House passes $1B for Israel’s Iron Dome after progressive dustup
by Andrew Desiderio
September 23, 2021

The House on Thursday overwhelmingly passed a bill to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, just two days after it was pulled from a government funding package over objections from progressive lawmakers. Moderate Democrats had pushed for a standalone vote on the Iron Dome funding, which totals $1 billion, amid an uproar over leadership’s decision to strip it from a stopgap spending bill aimed at averting a government shutdown at the end of the month. The bill passed by a vote of 420-9, with eight Democrats and one Republican voting against it, plus two Democrats voting present. READ MORE

GATESTONE Alan Dershowitz: The Squalid “Squad” Is Trying to Destroy Bipartisan Support for Israel The fact that the Squad picked on the Iron Dome to make its stand against Israel is significant. The Iron Dome is a system developed jointly by the United States and Israel that is purely defensive. It does not kill, injure, or threaten anyone. It only protects civilians against war crimes committed by terrorist groups that direct lethal rockets against innocent civilians.

JNS After rough few days, Iron Dome funding prevails, though not without partisan finger-pointing Nathan Diament, executive director for public policy at the Orthodox Union, was troubled that some Congress members had the “misguided view that a missile-defense system does anything other than defend innocent civilians from attacks launched by hostile terrorist groups.”

WALL STREET JOURNAL The Editorial Board: Shooting Down Israel’s Iron Dome The De­mo­c­ra­tic Party still likes to say it sup­ports Is­rael. But on Tues­day House De­moc­rats stripped from their gov­ern­ment fund­ing bill the $1 bil­lion ear­marked for Is­rael’s Iron Dome mis­sile-de­fense sys­tem.

FOX NEWS 9 House members vote against Israel Iron Dome funding as Tlaib accused of anti-Semitism Nine House members, including eight Democrats, voted against funding for the Israel Iron Dome missile defense system on Thursday. The bill passed overwhelmingly 420-9. The “no” votes were Reps. Ilhan Omar, D-MN; Rashida Tlaib, D-MI; Ayanna Pressley, D-MA; Cori Bush, D-MO; André Carson, D-IN; Marie Newman, D-IL, Raúl Grijalva, D-AZ; Chuy Garcia, D-IL; and Thomas Massie, R-KY.

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