“Some Democrats wanted Biden to undo the embassy move, simply because Trump had done it”

Biden Backs Off Palestinian Consulate in Jerusalem
by Joel B. Pollak
December 15, 2021

President Joe Biden is reportedly backing down from plans to open a U.S. consulate in Jerusalem dealing specifically with Palestinians, after ruling into objections from Israel, obstacles in international law, and concerns about Iran nuclear talks. As Breitbart News noted last year, Biden had promised during the 2020 campaign to reopen a consulate in “East Jerusalem,” though the site he was referring to was in western Jerusalem, across from the city’s Independence Park. The building had once served as the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem before President Donald Trump moved the U.S. embassy to the city, located in an existing building in southern Jerusalem, whereupon the consulate was converted into an annex of the U.S. embassy. READ MORE

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