NY Times writer Michelle Alexander over her head on Israeli-Palestinian conflict but that doesn’t stop her

.@NYTimes op-ed falsely claims Martin Luther King would hate Israel today
January 20, 2019

[New York Time’s Michelle] Alexander knows nothing about Israel and next to nothing about Palestinians. I have debunked these ridiculous claims over the years. The fact is that Palestinians could have had a state five times over – and refused. That is not Israel’s fault. The fact is that Palestinians, after promising to avoid terror in 1993, have never stopped their terror campaigns against Jews in Israel. That is not Israel’s fault. The fact is that Israel has a legal right to the territories that is at least as compelling as that of a people who literally didn’t exist as a people seventy years ago. The fact is that Arabs in the West Bank have more freedom and better living conditions, better education, better health care than most of their brethren in neighboring Egypt and Jordan. READ MORE

THE HILL Alan Dershowitz: Time to tell the truth about the Palestinian issue The front page of the New York Times Sunday Review featured one of the most biased, poorly informed, and historically inaccurate columns about the conflict between Israel and Palestine ever published by a mainstream newspaper. Written by Michelle Alexander, it is entitled, “Time to break the silence on Palestine,” as if the Palestinian issue has not been the most overhyped cause on campuses, at the United Nations, and in the media.

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