Corbyn aide “Seumas has been supporting groups that deny Israel’s right to exist for many years”

UK Newspaper Investigation Uncovers Links Between Top Corbyn Aide and Anti-Israel Terror Groups
by Benjamin Kerstein
February 24, 2019

A top aide to controversial UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has long-standing ties to anti-Israel terrorist groups and would likely be denied a security clearance as a result, a new report has revealed. Seumas Milne, Labour’s head of strategy and communications, is considered so influential that he has been referred to as “Corbyn’s brain,” and Corbyn, who is considered antisemitic by the vast majority of British Jews, reportedly relies upon him completely. According to a weekend exposé by The Mail on Sunday, Milne’s links with terrorist groups dedicated to destroying the Jewish state are decades old. READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST Outlaw Hezbollah: What took so long? Good news out of England – Parliament is expected to approve a motion to ban Hezbollah as a terrorist group. This refers to the whole of Hezbollah, its so-called “military wing” and also now its so-called “political wing.” What took so long? It is hard to believe that until now, England and the European Union only classified the “military wing” as a terrorist entity, 

REAL CLEAR WORLD U.S. Law Targets Hezbollah in Europe However, bipartisan legislation signed into law by the Trump administration may force the EU to act against Hezbollah

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