Liberal Jewish seminaries that become woker-than-thou workshops risk losing their defining missions tomorrow – and will continue alienating Jews-in-the-pews today

Are rabbinical schools becoming anti-Israel pulpits?
by Gil Troy
February 5, 2020

In 2011, when Rabbi Daniel Gordis highlighted “how lonely it can be for an unapologetically pro-Israel student at some of today’s rabbinical schools,” his Conservative and Reform colleagues excoriated him for exaggerating. Today, his criticisms seem mild; things are far worse. Every year, I hear from non-Orthodox rabbinical students that, in their programs, the once-marginal anti-Israel voices, while not the majority, have gone aggressively mainstream – often bullying Zionist students and speakers…The debate about how to teach Israel, how to foster Jewish patriotism, how to develop a big tent, left-to-right American Zionism, and how much anti-Zionism to tolerate in rabbinical seminaries is complicated. READ MORE

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