The Otzma Drama: “Two-State-Solutionists plan to kick Jews out of their homes in the newly minted State of Palestine, as they have done before in the Gaza Strip. Isn’t this a form of ethnic cleansing?”

The Left’s Hypocritical Rage Against ‘Jewish Power’
by Yishai Fleisher
February 21, 2019

Wednesday’s report that, at the urging of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Kahane-legacy Otzma party would be included in his coalition unleashed a furor on the center and the left both in Israel and in the U.S…But the left’s outrage at Otzma being included in the government is mystifying for another reason, too. Otzma’s opponents call out Meir Kahana’s desire to see Israel rid of Arabs. Yet the left itself calls for a Two-State Solution to the conflict, a solution which proposes to put “West Bank” Arabs behind a border wall, never to be seen again in the Jewish State. Don’t they, too, wish to separate Jews and Arabs? READ MORE

ABU YEHUDA Victor Rosenthal: AIPAC criticizes Netanyahu Binyamin Netanyahu incurred the wrath of numerous diaspora Jewish organizations last week, including AIPAC, which almost never criticizes an Israeli PM.

ZOA AIPAC, ADL, AJC Ignore Merger of Left-wing Anti-Israel Israeli-Arab Parties – But Condemn Merger of Right-wing Pro-Israel Parties It is also mystifying that these Jewish-American groups condemned Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for encouraging small right-wing Israeli parties to merge, so that Israeli voters on the right are not disenfranchised (meaning votes for those groups would be wasted if they didn’t reach the threshold), while these Jewish-American groups said nothing about Palestinian Authority (PA) dictator Mahmoud Abbas brokering the merger of anti-Jewish, anti-Israel Arab parties running for the Knesset.

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