“To defeat the Islamist, Communist and Socialist threats to the United States, we must adopt the Cold War model, according to which war is a marathon, not a sprint”

ISRAEL HAYOM (be agreement with JNS)
The ‘endless war’ is inevitable – and winnable
by Ken Abramowitz
November 7, 2019

People and organizations within and beyond Washington, DC, public policy circles, including US President Donald Trump, have expressed grave concern at the possibility that the United States is engaged in “endless wars.” Practically since the birth of the United States of America, various ideologies have waged war against us. For the Islamists (Muslim supremacists), this was but a continuation of their – at that time – uninterrupted 1,200-year war against non-Muslims everywhere, and Muslims whose version of the faith they didn’t agree with. It wasn’t until President Thomas Jefferson decided to stand up to the endless, unprovoked, savage assaults against US trade vessels by the Barbary pirates that violent jihadist acts against us stopped – for a while. READ MORE

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