“It is appalling that even before Biden takes office, Congress has passed a bill that found a way to indirectly but effectively assist the PA”

ZOA Appalled: Covid Relief Bill’s Fungible $250 Million for Palestinians May Benefit Terrorism, Anti-Israel Propaganda and Anti-Israel NGO’s
December 22, 2020

The long-awaited, massive $900 billion coronavirus relief bill, passed last night without giving Congress time to read all the provisions snuck into the bill’s thousands of pages, contained a dangerous, poison provision: Namely, $250 million of U.S. taxpayer dollars will be diverted from much-needed COVID relief to establish a so-called “People-to-People Partnership for Peace Fund” for Palestinian Arab investments and supposed peace programs. Rather than peace, this so-called “Peace Fund” is far more likely to abet anti-Jewish terror attacks, boycotts and propaganda. Because money is fungible, the new so-called “Peace Fund” will save the Palestinian Authority (PA) from having to spend money on projects for its people. The savings to the PA will enable, and in effect, help finance the PA’s heinous, continuing, hundreds of millions of dollars of annual “pay-to-slay” payments to Arab terrorists to murder Jews. READ MORE

JNS In COVID-aid bill scrum, Israel becomes a familiar scapegoat But somehow in the middle of all this naked power politics—and shameless lobbying and trading of favors for special interests—some activists found the time to single out Israel as the cause of the problem. Those who did so were either guilty of the most appalling ignorance of how the budget process works, as well as what aid to Israel entails in terms of benefits to the United States and its economy. Or call it outright simple bias. But no matter what the motive, they demonstrated anew just how irresistible a target the Jewish state is for those who always want to blame it and the Jews for the world’s woes.

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