“Ephraim Talabi, now 55, goes to Jordan to find the former Fatah fighter Mohammed a-Sati, who ‘brought me back to sanity, to my real life’ through simple acts of kindness”

36 years later, an Israeli POW meets the Palestinian captor who saved him
by Staff
August 3, 2018

Thirty-six years after he fell prisoner during the first Lebanon war, Ephraim Talabi decided to track down one of his captors, a man he has never forgotten and who he says saved his sanity throughout the traumatic experience — through simple acts of kindness. Talabi was captured by a Palestinian cell during fighting in southern Lebanon, and was held for 10 days. Muhammad Amin a-Sati, a Fatah man who fought against the Israeli incursion in 1982, “treated me like a human being” during those dark days, Talabi recalled in a report aired Wednesday by Hadashot TV news. READ MORE

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